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  1. I know man! I'm really considering pulling my sale ads and just shipping it with me. Itll cost about 1300... but I mean itd be worth it for sure. The more I think of all the work I put into it the more I want to keep it. I did find a friend thatll let me keep it at his place for a bit so I might go that route. I just hate to not finish something I've but so much effort into. That and I've driven that thing all over the country and it's only broken down on me once... because of a fuel pump lol.... yeah I think I'm going to keep it lol. I did find out if I redo the KA how I want it I'll need a vg30 tranny so I have to figure out how to toss that under it lol
  2. Ok thanks. I've only got a week left before I move but I have a friend thatll let me store it at his place. The extra money would be nice but I wouldnt be sad if i didnt sell it lol. I try to give him a shout though and see of hes interested.
  3. What's Frank's username on here. Tried finding him but no luck. Jeff is trying to downsize his lot right now so he wont be able to take it off my hands. If all else fails I'm going to store it until I can either ship it to myself or find a buyer. I put too much effort into it to scrap it lol. But I've seen it happen too. The only time I condone destroying a 510 is when it goes to saving others lol.
  4. I know it's not running so that eats alot of the price but I'd be willing to part with it for $3500. I feel like that's a pretty reasonable price. I still have the KA transmission and flipped crossmember. Still has most of the 2.5 inch exhaust. I already parted out the engine and recycled the block, I have other plans for the megasquirt and fuel system now. I was going to try and do a five lug conversion in the front so I have some struts for that. As well as some 4 piston front breaks i was going to adapt. I'll have to look through my boxes and see what all I had for parts. I tried to post an add and all my pictures are to large so I have to go through and resize them all. But let me know if you have any other questions.
  5. So after a long time away the inevitable situation being in the military has happened. I got orders and have to move from WA. The engine didnt work out. Turns out there were some hairline cracks in the block I didnt catch. Thinking the dude I bought it from let water freeze in it and just replaced the freeze plugs hoping I wouldnt notice. He half assed everything else so it wouldnt surprise me . Either way, with no engine and no money to ship the car with me I'm going to have to part ways. I have it listed on Craigslist and Facebook market place for 5k expecting to be lowballed. (Already got an offer for 500? ?) but i wanted to let you guys know too incase theres anyone willing to drive up to WA and not try and rip me off. The body is pretty clean, someone tagged the driver side fender in a parking lot and theres a few other dings but over all it's in great shape. I'll put an add in the classifieds though if anyone is interested. And I am negotiable on the price.
  6. I got a little excited and went and bought a bunch of stuff online yesterday so it should be waiting for me when i get home. I realized I didnt have anything for my fuel system except a fuel cell and fuel injector so i tackled about 90% of that problem. He's a nice little list of stuff I've got coming. Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump A1000 fuel regulator 10 and 100 micron pre and post pump filters 450cc hayabusa injectors (for the dual stage injection) AN 10/8 fittings 2xAN -10 to AN -8 Y adapters (these will combine the two AN8 fitting on the tank into one AN10 into the pump, then split from 10 back to 8 for the two fuel rails.) Fuel Pump wiring relays Im planning on running hard lines to everything so i still need to buy that as well but i want to wait until Im home to be able to measure things out first. In my head it all looks awesome. we'll see when I get home hahah.
  7. I I feel like I have to start over from scratch every time I get back into my project. I'm about to head home from a deployment, I've only been home 3 months last year so I'm hoping to hit the ground running when I get home. I know one of the issues I was having is the tranny cross member wasn't lining up with the holes. It's been pretty annoying. I might have to buy a different one because it looks like the wagon lineup might be different then a 2 and 4 door line up. We'lol see. Getting a parts list together though, it looks like I'll need about 2k worth of stuff still to really finish everything off. I said it last year, but I really want to get this thing driving this year lol. I feel like I took on every random mod possible. Turbour KA, ITBs, coil packs, MS3 ecu, dual stage fuel injection.... it's going to be interesting.
  8. thanks. I wish I had a tig welder so I could do everything myself, but aside from buying the parts and the tools to cut all the pieces, it only cost me dinner to get it welded :-p. as for the surge tank, that sounds awesome. I had to do some homework on it because I'm not to familiar. but let me know what you want for it. not sure if id need it, since it will mostly be a street app vehicle, but I always like new stuff to add to the possibilities :)
  9. Yeah, Hey Jon!, you did my wiring for me. good stuff. The project is going. slow but its going lol Haha, yeah James. Just been busy with work. still doing the military thing. They've got me going all over the place these days. So I've finally had some time to get some stuff done with the wagon. Been pretty busy though. life and what not. but I finally shelled out the money for a new reliable turbo instead of the cheap ebay one that came with the motor. ill need to recheck the fitment because it's a little bigger but I'm sure I can figure it out. I also finally found someone that could Tig for me and get my manifold together. He just sent me pictures today and it looks awesome. I'm pretty excited to get that back from him. also I put the transmission on but have had some trouble getting the mount I bought to fit right. I don't think its supposed to run with the bushings and I've been trying that. I've seen some pictures with the after market mounts bolted strait to the frame so I'll give it a try later when I feel like crawling back under there. but who cares about all the. lets see some eye candy New Turbonetics Turbo ​ All pretty and welded Was able to get the velocity stacks in too. Guy wasn't sure if he'd be able to.
  10. so its been a while since ive actually been able to do anything with my car. I kind of got engaged... and bought a house... for some reason I don't have as much money as I used too... hahaha... however, I just bought a new Turbonetics T3/T4 turbo, water cooled.... It should come in in about a week or 2. I really want to try and get it running this year though. I also have the rest of the parts for the plenum and my fiancée's friends husband can weld aluminum and when he heard I was building a KA-T Datsun with a custom plenum he offered to weld it for me when I got all the parts. I'll be posting pictures when I get the intake and exhaust all together. Don't hold your breath though, it might be a few weeks :-p. One thing that sucks about taking a break from a project like this, is you feel like you have to relearn all the stuff you were trying to do. I'm having to look up all kinds of stuff again because I forgot half of it. Thus is life though!
  11. So I got my new turbo manifold in. $260 dollars and a hell of a lot better then the ebay cheapo that the engine came with. but I still have clearance issues. the turbo bolt barely touches the master cylinder. Im pretty sure I have a solution though. I was looking at the datsport website and they have a really small firewall spacer. so I can probably just cut my spacer down and have plenty of clearance to get a heat shield between them and still have my brake booster. other than that everything looks good and theirs even plenty of room for the waste gate. :) oh and I wont need a hood scoop for all you nay-sayers :-p
  12. But I would recommend if you plan on upgrading the setup later to get what I got. you could pretty much do anything you would ever need to do with the MS3X (MegaSquirt 3 w/ expansion board I believe is what it was) with map daddy... its probably over kill actually but I like knowing I have the option I would recommend capping the distributor and doing the EDIS set up... I think your biggest hassle is going to be tuning the car... finding a good base tune. but you can also use the MS to only manage the fuel and let the distributor work the way it normally would. But I believe the MS has to be wired up for that specifically. or if you do what I'm going to do, provided your distributor is able to... you only use the distributor to send a signal to the MS that then fires off coil packs. you wont use any spark plug wires off the distributor for that set up and you can find just about any coil packs you want. I need to read back into everything because I've been so involved with the rebuild of the engine I haven't been worrying about the ignition system for a while. but ill try and share with you what I've stumbled across or at least give my recommendations in routes to take with certain parts... I feel like I repeated myself a few times but I hope that helped a little
  13. I have the MS3X with map daddy... I bought it about 6 months ago and that was about the best they had at the time... you can do the EDIS setup. It would probably be easier to be honest. I'm doing the KA swap and using the special disk they make for the distributor to fire coil packs that came off an LS2 engine. There are tons of write ups on how to do the EDIS system. Its not really going to matter to much about the car you're putting it in. it should all be a similar set up... and since your taking a non EFI engine and making it EFI you're pretty much starting from the bottom up anyways. Are you trying to use a coil pack setup? depending on what you're trying to accomplish will determine how you want to use the distributor, if at all.
  14. At the tacoma pick n pull and there's several datsun pickups. Ones in really good shape. Also an mr2 with really clean seats if anyone's interested in those. I'll post pics later
  15. Hahaha any reasoning though? I mean I realize this is my project but I like input. But when it comes to cosmetics... if it's practical... ok... if it's just there to "look cool" it probably doesn't look as cool as you think.
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