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  1. On ‎7‎/‎31‎/‎2018 at 9:05 PM, Dawa said:

    hmm, 814 miles/13 hours... I wonder if my truck could make it?

    just gotta receive my cabs from cali, seal up an oil pan leak, pack oil, gas, and water in the bed, and I think I could make it. maybe stopping in Portland and or somewhere else in norcal.

    I think its only right to bring a bremelo or 2 if youre going to make the journey



    On ‎7‎/‎31‎/‎2018 at 9:10 PM, Datsloco said:

    I'll talk to my buddy but I'm sure he wouldn't mind if we pitched a tent. Incase we party to hard or if someone needs to rest before their journey back. Lol

    I just might accept the offer

  2. So the hatch wouldn’t open when we got there then once home I gave it a good yank and it opened up. Once opened I sprayed the latch with some lube and should have played with it to see what the deal was but I just closed it and hoped it would open up again but it’s stuck closed. I have to take the back panel off and see what’s going on. This morning I spent 3 hours waiting at dmv but I have the paperwork sorted out. Now to drop the oil pan and see what the crank journals look like since it has a pretty good rod Knock. Hopefully I can get away with just changing the bearings and taking it to smog.

  3. Everything is pretty much done, my only issue is that my high beams are on all of the time when I turn the headlights on. Even when I unplug the high beams from the switch and relay they are still on. I even played around with the wiring going to the stock headlight sockets. Right now I have the low beam wires coming from my relay connected to the wire that says drive on the stock side, high beams going to the wires that say pass on the stock plug and of course ground. If I swap the high and low beam wires it is still the same thing

  4. No progress. Tuesday night I started wrapping up the harness then Wednesday I get a notification stating that my headlights were on there way so I didn’t touch it for a couple days to not have to back track and redo the headlights. So Friday after work the we’re delivered but i was not pleased to find that they were not the way I thought I had ordered them. So I called pissed and was surprised that someone answered considering it was about 6pm on a Friday. Great customer service he said the would assemble the bottoms for me and I can go down during the week and get them switched out for me.

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  5. Started a little something last weekend..
















    Everything seems to be working as it should except i fucked up i think on the head light relay. The low beams are on all of the the time and high beams come on when i pull the switch and shut off when i hit the high beam switch. Im going to leave it for now and just unplug the head lights when its not dark out. Dappers have been ordered so im not to worried about it. but since i have the car running again its time to start wrapping it up i should be driving again by next weekend.





    Also scored something after work today.... :devil:












    Super clean

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  6. As always when you think you’re ahead of the game and have a plan life has to punch you in the dick. I was planning to tear down and put the r&p x member I have this weekend but on Thursday night my car decided it doesn’t want to start. Electrical gremlins, shorting out to ground somewhere and it’s draining my battery. Thought I found it Friday night so Saturday I go to start it and still the same thing. I’m really debating on if I should chase down the problem or just rip everything out and spending a couple of nights after work installing the painless harness I have. It just sucks because I have a few things lined up for the week and I know it’s going to be in the back of my mind stressing me out

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