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  1. The old staff just seems to of hid all sorts of bad work.
  2. This is the perfect example of how low effort info seekers are the rubes destroying their own conveniences. "The TV said they're bad people..."
  3. Because nothing ever fucked up happens In your nation right?.... it’s about time some news outlet here starts cherry picking your flaws and blast them out demonizing AU from here on out. The news needs to leave these people alone, and keep their names private so Anti gun nutters don’t attack them. This is not news. It’s fucking media making $$ off a tragedy. slime ball AUS media.
  4. Semantics. Do you know what people call someone you can’t reason with? i suggest you do a little more research. This is why this is a Base election. Good luck to “your side” Bottomwatcher. I would have better luck beating my head against a wall to create plutonium than to actually get you to look outside your frame of mind.
  5. Dude why perpetuate the same garbage narratives? * Trump closed things down 1 month before any other politician from the democrat party moved away from calling his action xenaphobic. *Trump also closed things down (international travel) before the CDC had even called for such maneuvers. *Trump also closed things down (International Travel) with the recommendation of Dr. Burx and Fauci. What contact tracing are you talking about? Are you talking about nationally, or specific to his events for 5 days? Please be more specific. States are in charge of their own virus programs and tracing programs by the way, so attributing blame to Trump if states are failing at this is making Trump a straw man to shift blame. Example: If Oregon was one of the worst hit virally then I would blame local control since they're in charge of the states. Trump is not in control of state action or legislation.
  6. Good for you. You are Canadian so it doesn't matter when it matters.
  7. What was Trump doing 2-5 days before being diagnosed? (Fact you can look up: Pence and Trump are tested Daily.)(Fact #2: C19 Virus has a 2.2 - 5.5 day incubation) So look up his WH itinerary 2-5 days prior to his tweet about testing positive, and you will find answers that are very expansive. Any single one of those things he did 2-5 days before his positive test will place a contact source. He also didn't blame anyone, or gold star families. He was saying that he had met with a lot of people and families so it would be hard to trace. This is why outlets do articles like this. People like you eat it up. So if you get the flu and a doctor asks you to retrace your steps 2-5 days prior. Then you list off all the people you met with that day or places you traveled. Since you recalled all of that, then are you blaming them for the reason you are sick. Or are you just generalizing the possibilities to where you could have gotten sick?
  8. I get so infuriated by this stuff. Its like the addict who cant see that they're the problem in their own life, and move to another environment wondering why the same problems exist there too.
  9. Not in this nation. This is actually what its supposed to support, but the west coast policy is to spread this out into general fund expenditures. Nobel thought though.
  10. So here's a thought. It seems so many people want a smooth talking presidential person who doesn't do shit for the people. A man who definitely solidifies government expansion, government intrusion, and is capable of making you feel good while being dry fucked for future generations to come. VS A crass unrefined speaker who has done actual substantial productive work with his cabinet. Who has a second term agenda largely plagiarizer by a Buffoon who cant recall the last time he sniffed a child. Peoples inability to look into what politicians do vs the nice things they say to be "Popular" really piss me off. Trump so far on a lot of things has been the most competent leader for the job since Reagan, but since the TV narrative or his language make you cringe it seems to block an emotional brained person or a lot of vapid people in general from actually forming a substantive opinion based on knowing the policies or work that is being done. "I don't like him!" has the biggest excuse for people's lazy inconvenienced nature to actually participate in anything effecting them through state of federal representation. They just buy whole sale lies shit out by the corporate press or some political action group because its "too much work" to do. This was a major issue during the last presidential term too. Pay attention to the fucking things that are important and not the beauty pageant popularity contest!!! So many people are as deep as a dried up mud puddle.
  11. I've been looking at the Orbis Kit since they came out publicly. Been talking with Kyle at KMC about this hypothetical build with him since we both seen the setup. Honda K24 power to the rear axle and Orbis hubs up front on a 1200 coupe. https://www.instagram.com/kckuhnhausen/ I am looking at ways to fund raise or sponsors for a car budget this big. SEMA type build.
  12. So maybe there is a kernel or truth to my buddies conspiricy story. He was telling me about how Seth Rich death (July 10 2016 ) ties into this whole collusion narrative. Seth Rich being the DNC campaign employee who was killed in a mysterious manner and deemed a robbery/murder without the robbery. His theory is that Seth Rich discovered the information about the scheme to set up the false implication of Russian interference by the Clinton campaign on some database system being used by the Democrat campaign network for politicians. Originally setup and used by the Obama administration outside of the reach of Congress. ( Note: Obama signed legislation changing the Federal Records Act allowing this to become legal in 2014. After it was determined to be illegal by the DOJ, and National Archives / Records Administration in 2013.) Upon Discovering the Russian Collusion hoax (illegal election spying) information not the leaked DNC emails (2016), Seth Rich was supposed to hand off a thumb-drive to somebody who could get into the hands of Wiki-Leaks for publishing. This action also set in motion the urgency to arrest Julian Assange preventing the public from ever seeing the documents. (June-2012 Julian took refuge in the Ecuador Embassy and was physically arrested April-2019) (December 13 2012 Hillary was exposed by congressional investigator for having an external server database containing sensitive government data, correspondence.) (December 1 2014 Obama signs legislation amendment to allow Political official to have private networks for government and campaign duties.) (July 10 2016 Seth Rich dies of mysterious pistol deletion to the back of the head and torso..) So my friend sends me this video to back up Maxine's claim that Obama has this "Database.". He believes this is the validating information of how Seth Rich came across The Clinton campaign "Russian Hoax" plan, and was deleted for discovering it. (Clinton's don't mess around.) Some of this makes sense if you want it to. I just cant make the leap on some stuff. There is one fact in all of this and that is the Clintons are the most crooked name in American politics. So I could see how this stuff would make all the ends meet for him. https://www.bitchute.com/video/driC08JMw1Hh/ This video is supposed to have some tie into the Brennan notes he says.
  13. These are the internal notes, evidence of conspiricy, and investigation communications of the email scandal along with the Russian hoax. No one can find the missing server with the emails.
  14. Cant wait to read these documents. NO REDACTIONS!!!! awesome.
  15. Ive seen a full hydro rock crawler that was able to do 90mph on the I-5 one of the coolest 4WD jeeps I’ve ever seen. No transmission at all. 4cyl mated to a hydro pump
  16. In the hub perfect for making a AWD electric hybrid
  17. https://orbisdriven.com/our-technology/ this is a much better option. less on the wallet too.
  18. I took Percocet pain medication after a hip surgery so I’m technically a doctor now.
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