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  1. Again on display is your brilliance. Having not shit on anything that's offended my sensibilities, I would like to know how or in what way you came to this conclusion? I asked for you to provide anything contrary to the information in the article. You haven't and have done no more than to display that you think your tribal half wit posts have some importance of added information. You sir are a mental giant.
  2. Coming into a conversation with an opinion that builds on nothing is a brilliant approach. So aside from aspersions, do you have anything to contribute that counters the subject of the article? They reported the court victory and posted the court order. What do you have?
  3. It is likely this HB was resurrected from a previous attempt the plan for a worse case scenario. Most of the items in the HB were authored by the Democrat party so it could have been Authored back in 2009 during the swine flu epidemic.
  4. Not really. I gave you a quick explanation as to why it was placed into the Cares act HB. It is a setup that is very open to fraud or abuse. As for the data if it has been abused will come out way down the line where nothing can be done about it.
  5. Is this a dad joke? The CARES Act does provide money to hospitals for each patient whose cause of death is COVID-19 https://www.congress.gov/116/bills/hr748/BILLS-116hr748enr.pdf The intent was to help with uninsured patient reimbursement if the the hospital was to be overrun with cases. 13,000 for Covid-19 Diagnosis, and an addition 39,000 if that person was placed on a ventilator. I don't like factcheck .ORG but they do a good side step article excusing the incentive to pay for positive diagnosis. https://www.factcheck.org/2020/04/hospital-payments-and-the-covid-19-death-count/
  6. By winning the PA election suit in that link, gives precedence weight to others Trump team suits filed. This narrow chance to win the election legally for Trump is getting broader. Its extremely likely 500,000 votes are to be spoiled for Biden. Even though its legally clean there will be destabilization. We may actually be watching the divorce the of the country.
  7. Like the comedy said. A house of cards has been built no matter the circumstance. We are headed for conflict unless one side decides to honor the outcome. from 2016 until now the left has not accepted that election... So its not likely to be accepted when the law doesn't go their way. Where the generalized right of them see this as a stolen election though procedural cheating. The Divide will only get BIGGER and BIGGER.
  8. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pennsylvania-court-secretary-of-state-changed-deadline
  9. The bull horn main stream media is promoting this as well. You make it socially acceptable and that makes it ok to "Punch a Nazi."
  10. I wasn't kidding when this is becoming accepted.
  11. DERP. No one ever said the US funded the research..... NOT TRUMP, NOT PENCE, NOT Pfizer, and NOT ME... Is this beyond your reading comprehension level? The big Brag that the Trump crowd is championing is how the Operation Warp Speed allows the vaccine to bypass several years of certification process through the FDA.. No one made the claim that the USA is who funded the vaccine. Please tell me where the Straw Man is in what I wrote. If you actually can.
  12. Ummmm this is Pfizers actual .PDF https://investors.pfizer.com/investor-news/press-release-details/2020/Pfizer-and-BioNTech-Announce-an-Agreement-with-U.S.-Government-for-up-to-600-Million-Doses-of-mRNA-based-Vaccine-Candidate-Against-SARS-CoV-2/default.aspx So 1.95 Billion isnt a motivation for a fast turnaround on a viable vaccine already in test phase... FDA fast tracked the legal use, and this is the brag that Trump has been tooting his horn over.... THE DEAL HE MADE TO BUY. This is the tricky thing I see you and others get lost on. These are garbage fact checks about things that weren't said. Trump didn't say he authorized funding of the work. He has repeatedly said because of the operation warp speed, these vaccines can be fast tracked and money set aside would be to pay for the vaccines (individual dosages.). He also bragged about the partnership deals to buy the most viable when available. Heck Pence doesn't even say that the tax payer money funded anything. So this is a bull shit fact check lol Just like people saying Trump said he himself "Grabbed them by the pussy." Not that he was saying the groupies would allow celebrities to "Grab them by the pussy." These authors are counting on you missing this.
  13. Watch the video I just posted. The media doesn't decide the outcome. State legislatures certify winners....Trump is banking on using the legal system to block Biden out.
  14. A much better engineering job of a rotary engine. Liquid Piston. https://www.liquidpiston.com/how-it-works
  15. I did the research on this Wayno. Its bunker garbage. CISA.gov/rumorcontrol
  16. The Town square is being road blocked for people outside the Left echo chamber. Once in supreme power they will go as all historic ones do. Everyone ready to be re-educated? Or deemed unworthy for society?
  17. Twatter has already had inside people talking about the huge black list if Biden is certified.
  18. Ah speaking with fact? Are you able to verify that indeed his vote was counted? Or is this strong opinion? Fact: Sharpie is ok to use Fact: Polling workers are not allowed to restrict the voter from using a type of pen outside of Red Ink. They can only suggest. Fact: You do not know for certain his vote was counted or not. These FACTS can be verified.
  19. As I stated before. Wiki is an absolute smear show and is less verified than the Myth of Zeus..
  20. You do know the Dems changed the rules in the 9th inning right? Trump didn't change the election rules. He challenged it. He also didn't change the economic rules for political gain like Blue states did. "Yes I would lock it all down." Biden 2020.
  21. I think the group is much more reasonable than you are not giving them credit for. I imagine Trump wouldn't be apposed to the mail in Option. GOP did far better than the DNC in new registrations this time within these contested States. This needs to be extremely transparent, and fair for participants. Both sides need equal representation on this. Trump has been vocal but he can only get his voice out through surrogates, because Twitter has his account sequestered most of the time now. He is still tweeting, but the media is also blacking him out since they want to be the ones who decide the outcome. All stuff adding to the Divide. 72,000,000 people wont accept the legal outcome with this type of bad faith from the left. It was also announced that Twitter plans to de-platform Trump in January. Locked out.
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