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  1. The first two R160's are packaged up and ready to ship. I have the R180 op-1 started, but my hip surgery was Thursday and I'm kinda layed up for a bit. I did however get a 930-CV adapter designed up today. So I offer Type-2 , and 930 adapters now. I have a list of things to get done while on light duty. •finalize the Grp-24 battery tray •R190 design •accelerator pedal design •
  2. No photos for you guys but I did 4-R160 covers on first op today. I will post up pictures once completed.
  3. For some good info on Machine work. CNCZone.com
  4. I am running 160's and 180's this weekend.
  5. This is my coffee every morning lol.
  6. Sweet stuff man.. This is the same type of program at OSU I want to take part in.
  7. I will need a PM on where to join up with you guys.
  8. I'm not going to make it standard. Extra costs extra. So the covers come standard with M12x1.75 tapped holes. Inserts will be more $$
  9. I will come check it out. Greet everyone. Haven't met hardly anyone from the Datsun community.
  10. I would roll in but no datsun to roll in.
  11. R180 is on the machine now. Had to make some final edits to the Solid. R160 Has some new features. I didnt like how the Proto turned out so I made some adjustments.
  12. True words. The saying goes "It's not what you know, It's who you know." to some level. Networking and a good personality go a very long way.
  13. No you use your NPT plugs from the stock unit. I will be machining plugs that are also the remote cooler leads, but those will be sold separately.
  14. The M12 studs or the bolts used to mount to the differential?
  15. Incorporate some cooling fins on that thing. looks like it has plenty of meat around the edges. Good job Rookie!! Get those hours put in your log book for your certs too. Was the instructor part of the metal workers guild (union ;))
  16. I started on the R180 design today. They will be a bit more on the price index.
  17. I have the final revision of my R160 model going up in minutes.
  18. Yes Matsuura is a sadistic machine. Very solid build, and on my short list of machines I want.
  19. I like the Engineers that say there is no skill involved in machining. No education needed like engineering O.o Then I turn them loose on a machine. "Show me how easy it is.." :D The look of panic overtaking arrogance is awesome.
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