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  1. Recut causes a galling effect on the perpendicular surfaces. Your endmills are re-cutting the borings along the axial motions. It will wear down and chip your carbide over time. Run a narrower stream of coolant (cutting fluid) with a bit more pressure to evacuate the chips, or program the chip clearing into your cut pattern so the metal chips evacuate in a single direction. 


    Good work for a new guy to CNC though.

  2. 3 hours ago, Dguy210 said:


    Trump is supposedly 6'3" according to his 2016 physical, or course that is up for debate (because why wouldn't it be anymore) and ranges from 6'1"-6'2" . But yes over 6" at least.


    Sydney Powell is 6 foot tall. Evidently, she also has a penchant for wearing 2 inch heals so may come off as a bit taller. 



    Also in the line of "fake news":  The CNN title makes a claim of "false" and then they go right on to prove it is "true". 



    The Semantic war pisses me off.



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  3. 38 minutes ago, datzenmike said:


    On average 30-60K die from the regular seasonal flu. You're at 260K and the year isn't over. That's 4- 8 times normal. Before you start saying all flue were counted as co-vid the death rate from the flu was 24-64K this year. So even if ALL flu were counted as co-vid that's 200K so not a death sentence but  between 4 to 10 times more chance of a death sentence that regular flu.


    Now if you look at it by age, for the elderly it is almost a death sentence. 


    Don't forget about the idiot in the blue states that were sending infected into assisted living homes exacerbating the initial numbers. 


    I sure hope the ones involved with doing that get their just reward.

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  4. 4 hours ago, datzenmike said:


    Which leads to "I'm not sick so no sense wearing it for others."


    This is the point in most of the debate. 


    "If I am not sick then why do I have to wear the mask?" general quote of argument... Once this debate started, I seem to remember the narrative shift that you can be "Asymptomatic" so every person had to comply. 


    The new norm is that your freedoms are not more important than my paranoia.

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  5. 9 minutes ago, Logical1 said:


    Oh did I shit in your sandbox? I was unaware you were engaged to fox media networks! 


    Fairly sure this a free for any & all classic car forum full of irreverent misfits open to criticism and satire.





    Again on display is your brilliance. 


    Having not shit on anything that's offended my sensibilities, I would like to know how or in what way you came to this conclusion? 


    I asked for you to provide anything contrary to the information in the article. You haven't and have done no more than to display that you think your tribal half wit posts have some importance of added information.


    You sir are a mental giant.  



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  6. 1 hour ago, Logical1 said:


    Citing fox news as your source is akin to astrology...😆


    Coming into a conversation with an opinion that builds on nothing is a brilliant approach. 



    So aside from aspersions, do you have anything to contribute that counters the subject of the article? They reported the court victory and posted the court order.


    What do you have?

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  7. 11 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

    So they knew in advance covid was coming? Or this is a blanket coverage for a pandemic?? Is there a similar or lesser thing for regular flu?  What is the point of this payment or any payment??


    Is there a payment for being bored to death????


    It is likely this HB was resurrected from a previous attempt the plan for a worse case scenario. Most of the items in the HB were authored by the Democrat party so it could have been Authored back in 2009 during the swine flu epidemic. 

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  8. 20 minutes ago, datzenmike said:



    HEY!!!!! anyone know why a Co-vid death is worth more?????????


    Is this a dad joke? 


    The CARES Act does provide money to hospitals for each patient whose cause of death is COVID-19




    The intent was to help with uninsured patient reimbursement if the the hospital was to be overrun with cases. 13,000 for Covid-19 Diagnosis, and an addition 39,000 if that person was placed on a ventilator. 


    I don't like factcheck .ORG but they do a good side step article excusing the incentive to pay for positive diagnosis.


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  9. By winning the PA election suit in that link, gives precedence weight to others Trump team suits filed. This narrow chance to win the election legally for Trump is getting broader. Its extremely likely 500,000 votes are to be spoiled for Biden.


    Even though its legally clean there will be destabilization. 


    We may actually be watching the divorce the of the country. 

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  10. Like the comedy said. A house of cards has been built no matter the circumstance. We are headed for conflict unless one side decides to honor the outcome. from 2016 until now the left has not accepted that election... So its not likely to be accepted when the law doesn't go their way. Where the generalized right of them see this as a stolen election though procedural cheating. 


    The Divide will only get BIGGER and BIGGER. 

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