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  1. 9 hours ago, MikeRL411 said:

    The real problem with background security clearance interviews is that the interviewee does not really prepare for the interview.  While undergoing an interview, the question was whether I had ever contacted an agent of a foreign intelligence agency.  I answered truthfully "yes" and the interviewee nearly shit his pants.  I pointed out that if he had really read my background data sheet he would know the I had interacted, as part of my duties, with Japanese, Korean and South Vietnamese intelligence agencies.  It took him about 5 minutes to confer with his boss and he probably to this day doesn't believe that I passed.


    Comprehension of the English language and the definition of words really mean something. Its amazing how people miss key words and their meaning.

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  2. Media called him a right wing white racist Christian at first. Then noticed people who actually do journalism pointed out that he is an Islamic nut bag formerly left of the Gen-Z crowd (Extreme Muslim Right)

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  3. I am trying to contact this fella so I can pick his brain a bit. I signed up for a local raspberry Pi club for the programming knowledge. This would be an amazing kit to make.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Chopper Jim said:

    I see wiring to the distributor from the shock tower. Well hidden wiring harness. That is what i try to do

    with my wiring harnesses on all of mine. Makes it much cleaner under the hood.


    Chopper Jim


    They still could have done a better job with that wire too and they don't have my billet bell crank installed.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Soundline said:

    You’re in the wrong part.  I’m much further north and... I dare you to wear a mask here.  


    I have my fingers crossed the 5 counties vote to join Idaho. I can sell my home, and move to Roseburg Idaho.

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  6. I am so sick of people in the PNW. 


    Today I was sent on an errand to drop off my sons cleats for his viral paranoid football practice, and then to stop at the store for a few food items the wife requested. After feeling a small bit of rage bubble within myself at the sight of my son running drills with a required mask to be worn.. I set off for the store instead of becoming more angry at that sight. I arrived at the local Grocery Outlet and noticed the faint sound of Toto crackling through the store audio. I began to gather my items well aloof of other people doing the same. I grabbed my last items in a strategically planned route to the registers cutting down on any chance of impulse grabbing of unnecessary sweets. Once I reached the register I started to scan the work loads of the store employees at each kiosk. I picked the third line behind a woman that was buying 10 bottles of dessert wines, and a few food items I didn't pay much attention to. Seems like it would have been the most efficient line to go with. I scanned the floor for the idiotic "Stand here 6 feet apart" stamp for us good kids to stand on. I placed my left foot on the stamp and lazily stood slight forward. Kind of because the boozer in front of me was well forward of her stand place requirement.  My pocketed phone let out an irritating buzz on my thigh from an incoming text. The wife was requesting more items that had to be picked up from a different store. While this text was happening I get the slight scent of ingested alcohol coming from the woman currently being helped in front of me.  I then hear a slightly slurred acknowledgment from her "Hey.. Hey you. That's not 6 Feet!!". I look from my phone screen upward to see the woman now standing on my side of her floor stamp with no person in front of her. As I am bringing my full attention to Karen Do-Good I notice she is a little inebriated. Her denim button up shirt isnt buttoned straight and in her effort to be THE authority she thought she was, one of her breasts has been loosed upon the world.  


     My reaction to seeing her bosom must have looked like anyone gazing upon the inner contents of a State Park bathroom basin. I was grossed out and offended by her unnecessary move to act as if she had some power to direct me to do anything. I had an immediate flash of hatred for her. Once I tucked my anger back into my soul I retorted  "Fuck off, and put your fucking breast back in your shirt bitch." .. I was conveniently only audible to a few people, and the ones that heard me got a bit of a chuckle at the exchange. The next register opened and I was ushered into that isle by two women who heard what I said. I paid for my items and farted as Karen was exiting her lane behind me. 


    I am so tired of the paranoid people and mental illness this fake scare has encouraged. 

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  7. 42 minutes ago, ratpatrol66 said:

    So where did you get this coroners report? Please post it here if you can! Not making excuses for druggies and question if that is what you are implying? I certainly am not lining up with cops out for a thrill kill of a black man! I saw the whole video when George looked pretty chill long before the cop put his knee on his neck for 8 minutes. This wasn't on CUNT news or FUCKS news either. How do you know what I saw??? Are you a remote viewer or hacking me and what I watch? You don't know shit about me!


    Your closing statement "He got what he asked for" GOD DAMN your are a raciest prick!!!




    Pretty sure that's not a racist comment. 


    If he had said "He got what he asked for. Because he was black." 


    That's a racist comment and proof to support your attempt at a qualification. You also make some assertions to intent that you cannot qualify as more than just opinion only.


    Not sure why you seem so emotionally bent over what he said too ( I could be wrong)....Gather your evidence and lay it out in a compelling way instead of showing your emotional investment. 

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