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  1. That's a pretty good photo mashup. They messed up on the wing strut on the driver side.
  2. Comprehension of the English language and the definition of words really mean something. Its amazing how people miss key words and their meaning.
  3. https://americanmilitarynews.com/2021/03/us-appeals-court-rules-americans-dont-have-right-to-open-carry-guns-in-public I have no faith in this nation or its people.
  4. Its a tough News stretch. They have to choose to either ignore 'Kids in Cages' or 'Muslim Shooter'.
  5. Media called him a right wing white racist Christian at first. Then noticed people who actually do journalism pointed out that he is an Islamic nut bag formerly left of the Gen-Z crowd (Extreme Muslim Right)
  6. Just like the 108 illegals dumped in the middle of Texas that were all Covid19 + Why would you do such a thing unless to spike the spread and promote locking down as the answer?
  7. I am trying to contact this fella so I can pick his brain a bit. I signed up for a local raspberry Pi club for the programming knowledge. This would be an amazing kit to make.
  8. Total humanitarian and biological failure. Economic migrants, and its welcomed by the disconnected spoiled idiots. Might as well just reset the Covid crisis so the nation can stay in tyrannical lock down.
  9. Mattndew76

    My 1971 521

    Levers and wheels!!
  10. Fuck YES!! I need to sit down and see if I can mock up a rough design for the A12
  11. Hypocrisy at the highest overt levels....Excuse after excuse as to why one side can and the other side cant. I am ready for something other than "bipartisan" cooperation, because nothing else seems to move these shit stains.
  12. They still could have done a better job with that wire too and they don't have my billet bell crank installed.
  13. Anyone who voted for this garbage. Honestly I fucking hate you. My time for being a reasonable person has passed.
  14. This bad boy has a pile of parts on it made in muh garage.
  15. Looks to be Toyota with an Eaton upon it.
  16. I have my fingers crossed the 5 counties vote to join Idaho. I can sell my home, and move to Roseburg Idaho.
  17. I am so sick of people in the PNW. Today I was sent on an errand to drop off my sons cleats for his viral paranoid football practice, and then to stop at the store for a few food items the wife requested. After feeling a small bit of rage bubble within myself at the sight of my son running drills with a required mask to be worn.. I set off for the store instead of becoming more angry at that sight. I arrived at the local Grocery Outlet and noticed the faint sound of Toto crackling through the store audio. I began to gather my items well aloof of other people doing the same. I grab
  18. Pretty sure that's not a racist comment. If he had said "He got what he asked for. Because he was black." That's a racist comment and proof to support your attempt at a qualification. You also make some assertions to intent that you cannot qualify as more than just opinion only. Not sure why you seem so emotionally bent over what he said too ( I could be wrong)....Gather your evidence and lay it out in a compelling way instead of showing your emotional investment.
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