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  1. The 2nd amendment is a desired philosophy world wide. He sounds like he is Austrian or German.
  2. Yeah I am so over people trying to pin the blame within our nation. We are who we are because 250 years has defined us. Fuck the virus, and let people live regardless of the outcome. If you value your health, then take your precautions as you should being a free person, but stop acting like your fear for death is more important than anyone else's right to live how they see fit within existing laws. Manners are not a legislated requirement. There will be good people who die and there will be people that are of no use to society that die too. Unfortunate and beneficial. Sack up and understand nature and manipulated nature is a jaded bitch. China unleashed this shit on the planet through their disregard for safety and life. FUCK CHINA and stop being mad at people that are born in a free society. Its like you're pissing into the wind and you wont stop complaining about how much you smell like piss. Point that stream where it should be.
  3. How do you like that math? 1.8 Million Ballots Published, 1.4 Million ballots returned, and 2.4 million ballots counted.
  4. In the long run it hasn't saved shit. Just prolonged the inevitable.
  5. I can give two fucks if anyone gets it anymore. If you are worried that its going to get you then stay home.
  6. If you guys want a weld up kit. I can make the kits for $650.00. You find the fabricator to weld them up.
  7. Recut causes a galling effect on the perpendicular surfaces. Your endmills are re-cutting the borings along the axial motions. It will wear down and chip your carbide over time. Run a narrower stream of coolant (cutting fluid) with a bit more pressure to evacuate the chips, or program the chip clearing into your cut pattern so the metal chips evacuate in a single direction. Good work for a new guy to CNC though.
  8. Looks like you are getting a lot of recut in the holes.
  9. Lindsay Graham is one of the hoax scammers who helped McCain push the fake Russia dossier all over DC and the intel agencies. May be an innocent gesture but my hunch says he is as establishment as it gets. He better sniff the wind. https://nypost.com/2020/11/18/lindsey-graham-explains-kamala-harris-fist-bump-on-senate-floor/
  10. Tim Pool posted a good video about this topic.
  11. Don't forget about the idiot in the blue states that were sending infected into assisted living homes exacerbating the initial numbers. I sure hope the ones involved with doing that get their just reward.
  12. We might be the distraction (hand waving) that allows your nation to secretly fuck you guys.
  13. "When the ship goes down. Ya better be ready." - Cypress Hill The United States is done for now. Its only a matter of days or months before the blood flows. Just my honest opinion.
  14. More education for the people who still don't know how the elections work for the Chief office.
  15. This is the point in most of the debate. "If I am not sick then why do I have to wear the mask?" general quote of argument... Once this debate started, I seem to remember the narrative shift that you can be "Asymptomatic" so every person had to comply. The new norm is that your freedoms are not more important than my paranoia.
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