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  1. I like to play with words within what I am saying so as to better define for people who like to read. I am also guilty of using words incorrectly.
  2. Effect is about a result or change in feeling Purposely used because the "vaccines" seem to be placebo in actual affect.
  3. But Fauci said its undetectable by any test and isnt effected by the "Vaccines" FEAR FEAR FEAR you stupid fucks.
  4. it looks the part but also looks welded solid on both sides. It would be a cool fence board hauler though.
  5. The front fence needs to pivot or the whole idea wouldn't work. Needs a pivot like this one.
  6. For the military to win a war dip shit. Not for the citizens of the colonies. It was also carried out through scrapings from an already mended host via knife, and then transferred into a new host via open cuts. The proclamation was also written with an expiration (sun set) as was many of the proclamations so as to not continue the tradition England had burdened upon the colonies with their proclaimed decrees, Or as they would have referred to as oppression. This was not GENE THERAPY like the mRNA tech being used now. This was sharing of antibodies from a host who had recovered from pox.
  7. "It will never happen here!" or "That would never happen again!" 🤣
  8. The excuses the corporate media keep making for this is idiotic.
  9. These two are my top favorites. Gave me a good snort of a laugh.
  10. They caved to pressure instead of fighting for their rights.
  11. "That's not going to happen." Has been a common used phrase over the last 2 years, and it turns out that it 'did happen' along with 'will happen'. Calling people Conspiracy Theorists is more of a sign you don't fucking pay attention or too lazy to do any type of verification. Could also be that you are enjoying what is "not going to happen" Many many things that the "conspiricy nut" has said was going to happen is now happening. So the pejorative has no weight anymore, and the compliant are the cultist shit bags.
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