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  1. Thanks everyone. I spend more time at Grassroots Motorsports, so if you'd like to follow my other builds that's where you'll find me. 2JZ '31 Hot Rod Chop-top Toyota Avalon racer And sometime next year I'm sticking the Avalon engine in my '69 Lotus Europa. "Poor man's Evora"...coming soon
  2. I'm honestly not very emotionally attached to it. I'm not really a big Datsun/Z/VQ fan, it's just what made sense for this build. I set out to build this car with the intention of winning the $2000 Challenge, so it has served its purpose, and I enjoy the build more than the ownership experience. I would like to try out drifting before I sell it, otherwise it's driveway art...which I have lot of right now. Out of view are two more damn cars. The El Camino is my beloved first car. That's the one I would miss forever. If anyone is interested in the Datsun let me know. I'm
  3. Nothing new with the car! I've been autocrossing it all year in SCCA's new Xtreme Street class, which is basically me and every turbo Miata in the Atlanta region. I'm winning 🙂 It sits in my driveway for 2-6 weeks, fires right up, drives to the event, and doesn't have issues. I can't ask for more with such a crazy autocross car. It has really helped me hone my driving skills this year. I'm thinking about selling after the racing season is over. I have too many cars and I don't use it enough. It would make an amazing drift missile.
  4. This issue of GRM came in the mail the other day. Life goal achieved: feature article in a car magazine!
  5. It's the stock G35 pump/sender unit with stock o-ring. Correct, I just cut my own flat mounting ring, which I welded some screws to match the G35 flange. It's not perfectly flat but hasn't leaked yet.
  6. Well, the same full squirt, just much earlier on. I've heard an Uprev tune can eliminate the torque bog off the line and sharpen the shifts. Maybe add some power and pull timing for the nitrous. It was really hanging between 1 and 2, bouncing the rev limiter...while spraying...oops. 12-second $2,000 street legal Datsun wagon.
  7. Datsaniti is now a 12 second car! With a 100hp shot on drag radials, I kept putting down 13.1's just like I did all summer and at the Challenge. Turns out you can just spray right off the line to remedy the torque bog that always happens at launch due to the low stall oem torque converter. That means spraying at like 2000 rpm for a brief moment, conrods be damned. Changing nothing else, this brought my 60' down from my previous best 2.0 to 1.8! Good enough to squeeze my way into 12's.
  8. 2019 $2000 Challenge Recap For me, the Challenge started Wednesday night when I hosted a couple other Challengers on their drive down. Always good to see old friends! Thursday I borrowed Dad's truck, picked up a trailer, and hit the road with my teammate in time to catch the tail end of the parking lot builds. Friday morning, we applied the sticker package and made it through tech inspection, which was a bit lax to be honest. I think the sticker package really suited my livery well! Autocross - 43.380
  9. Last weekend I finally wrapped up the harness install. I had to fab an antisubmarine belt mount and a seat back support. Feels nice and secure with a 5-point harness, especially compared to late 70's econobox seatbelts. The original 3-pointer is still installed and still works. Last weekend I saw another '80 210. The 3rd one I've ever seen. Hard to believe mine used to look like this! Thursday I pack and leave for the $2000 Challenge. The field has swell
  10. Junkyard MAF fixed it! Only one 03 on the lot that still had the sensor, so I got lucky. The 05-up is different. I'll order a new one as backup. The Challenge is way too close for comfort for E36 M3 like this to happen. Drove to Caffeine and Octane yesterday without any drama.
  11. Confirmed the MAF is receiving the correct voltages, and I pulled the ECM plug to verify continuities. All signs point to bad MAF sensor. Amazon'ed one for a speedy fix and I'll pull a backup from the yard this weekend. Caffeine and Octane this Sunday.
  12. OH and now the fucker is throwing P0102 for the MAF sensor. It's acting like the MAF isn't plugged in at all. When you unplug it while running, nothing happens. Tried cleaning it and still won't go away. I did try cleaning it last week when I had all the throttle body issues, so maybe it simply doesn't like MAF cleaner. Or it randomly failed in the past week. Or I tugged on some wires or some shit.
  13. This is the 36 hour roll bar install. Also my first roll bar. I've been putting this off for way too long. I'm tired now. You don't need a roll bar until 11.49s in the quarter, which this car may never do, but going over 110 MPH in an 80's Japanese tin can that I welded 4x the stock power to is bit sketchy for me. 1 pre-bent roll bar for a Pinto/Mustang II shipped from Amazon for $43. The other tubes are scrap ag equipment parts from work. Even though they're free for me, I charged them in the Challenge budget at the same rate I pay for off-cuts at the loc
  14. Hoping to hit 120 in the 1/4 mile with The Big nitrous shot. It should be theoretically redline-limited to 160 in 5th gear, 135 in 4th gear. No idea what the actual top speed would be, but that probably depends if I'm spraying or not 😎 Either way, I would never test that on a real road. This rattle trap is way too sketchy. So this was planned, I swear. I'm swapping out the chopped front lowering springs for some chopped OEM springs to free up $79 in the budget. Over a year ago I bought these used G35 lowering springs on eBay with hope they would normalize the ride hei
  15. Exactly 1 month until the Challenge. Tire decision has been made. 1 more autocross planned to scrub those in. Big scary nitrous jets ordered. Still need to weld in the roll bar and harness.
  16. Went to the yard Saturday morning and pulled the TB's from the 2 nicest looking G35s in the lot. I love the ubiquity of this donor car right now! Interesting that half the donors were missing their TBs too...so this is a common problem. I cleaned the gunk off one, bolted it in, and it fired right up and revved freely! It even set the idle speed automatically and cleared its own codes after warming up. Glad it was this easy! And now I have a backup just in case. Maybe the wet shot a couple inches upstream limits the life of this part.
  17. I'm borrowing a truck and renting a trailer for the $2000 Challenge. I have a set of jets dubbed the "trailer shot" I plan to use, since drags are the last event.
  18. Yesterday was another auto-cross, where I thoroughly testedwith my Experimental Challenge-Winning Tire Strategy (ECWTS). In the morning, I ran ECWTS#1 for 4 runs. Observations: much oversteer, big spins, and can't get the power down. But times got faster as rear pressure went down. Got some weird looks and questions too. Tire pressures vs time: Run 1 DNF -72 32F 35R Run 2 - 67 30F 30R Run 3 - 66.3 30F 27R Run 4 - 66.1 28F 25R In the afternoon, I ran ECWTS#2 for 4 more runs, which is basically the front-rear reverse
  19. Small update. Finally unloaded the tires and tools from 2 weeks ago...so I really haven't done much. But today I did a few things, like straighten the steering wheel, touch up the paint, and DIY an "engine grounding" kit. The lower door jams and sills were a mix of every color's overspray. They're white now. Even the screws got attention. So according to 350z forums circa 2008, you can quicken shifts and improve throttle response by installing a "grounding kit". Sounds like snake oil to me, but you can read for yourself. Shifts have
  20. Again, seriously impressive tinwork here. Like, an overwhelming, intimidating amount of tinwork. I would have given up a few pages ago. Keep it up!
  21. Gridlife was AWESOME. What a weekend. I went drag racing, auto-crossing, and car showing with a bunch of other fellow degenerate young gearheads, and got to watch time attack, drifting, and some music in between. Friday afternoon, I loaded the wagon and slogged 80 miles through rush hour traffic to hit dragstrip test-n-tune. This time armed with a 75 shot of nitrous and a AAA card. Tech was much more thorough this time, but I passed easily. It's STILL not quite into 12's, but there was much spinning into 2nd this time. I think I can go 12 with this same shot, if I'm mor
  22. It gon' be lit. I'm already prepping my body for the second-hand vape poisoning.
  23. If anyone wants to see this junker in person, I'll be at #Gridlife this weekend at Road Atlanta. Datsaniti got accepted into the Showcase (LOL) and will probably be the cheapest car in the whole show. And I'm making a whole weekend out of it. First hitting the Atlanta Dragway on my way up there Friday night, armed with a much bigger shot and a not-as-faulty pedal sensor. Then the Gridlife Auto-X Saturday morning, following by the Showcase that afternoon. No trailer, just a shitty wagon full of tires and tools. Fingers crossed no breakdowns!
  24. Yes, I'd argue it's vented through the floor to outside the wagon. I could probably run a slit hose around the base to seal it better.
  25. Last time I went drag racing, tech inspection didn't like my filing cabinet drawer battery box. It wasn't sealed enough since I only tacked the seams together. This tub of kitty litter and a strap oughta do the trick. I also bevel cut the hater pipe
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