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  1. DatsuNissanLove


    Yah I'll figure it out den let u guys know wut happens
  2. DatsuNissanLove


    The relay is only connected to the low beams.. not all 4.. and yes they are connected to the switch.. I'm having an issue now where sometimes the lights won't turn on..on demand.. I'll try to figure that out .. I saw some diagrams on diodes n looks like I just have to put one in between the low n high wires..
  3. DatsuNissanLove


    2 wires to the low beams now..
  4. DatsuNissanLove


    Do I need 1 diode or 2?.. and wuht kind? Part #?
  5. DatsuNissanLove


    Suup guys.. so i figured all my wiring out under my dash thnx too the datsun repair manual.. n fixed all the burnt wires n got the headlights fixed.. now the only thing is that wen I put the high beams on they completely switch n the low beams shut off.. I would like all 4 lights to stay on wen I switch it to high beam.. any suggestions?.. Also she's running n I finally purchased a 210 head.. got everything upholstered except the headliner painted the dash etc.. will be posting pics soon..
  6. DatsuNissanLove

    Mine now ('74 Cactus Green)

  7. DatsuNissanLove

    Mine now ('74 Cactus Green)

    Fooled you.. you thought they were volk wheels..lol
  8. DatsuNissanLove

    Mine now ('74 Cactus Green)

    Those nascar wheels that I showed you are super light.. n look pretty cool at least to me... ... just throwing it out der.. n they fit just perfect..
  9. DatsuNissanLove


    Here goes some pics on how I rigged my relay up...like I said earlier I'm using a relay that has two 87 connections and ran both of my low beams to this relay..it's a 40 amp relay by kc-hilites.. 86 goes to the positive wire (red/white) that was connected to the stock lights.. Brown wire coming off the ellipsoid lights grounds to nearest screw.. Atm inline fuse holder.. I will be running either 30 or 40 amp fuse.. this will go on the 30 connection between the relay n the positive terminal of the battery.. Ohhh n the 85 I connected to the red and black wire.. we will see how that goes.. if u guys see that I have done something wrong.. please let me know.. again I'm not good with electric stuff so let me know..
  10. DatsuNissanLove


    Here goes another dumb question lol.. on the ground part of the relay should I connect it to either one of these or just run it to any screw near by..
  11. DatsuNissanLove

    Finally got some pictures of the '77 620.

    Very nice..✌
  12. DatsuNissanLove


    Nope didn't work on it today.. went to a beer n tots festival by the dodger stadium...
  13. DatsuNissanLove


    This is yours.. N this is the one for my truck.. yours is longer n idk if it's the same ends on it.. maybe someone else knows if it'll work. I'm not sure though..
  14. DatsuNissanLove


    Cool... I'll check it out. .thnx
  15. DatsuNissanLove


    Thinking about it.. Kinda wanna keep it as stock as possible besides the self customized stuff..

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