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    I'm actively looking for L28 short blocks to buy, especially local ones in the Puget Sound region. For ones that have to be shipped in, I won't pay as much of course because I'd have to pay for shipping as well. I'll take as many engines as I can get if the price is right, and I'll even buy bare blocks as long as they're an L28 from a 280 Z or 280 ZX. They have to be rebuildable and the cranks have to rotate. Long blocks are ok sometimes too, just let me know what you have and the price you want. I'll pay by cash or Paypal. For those of you that don't know the difference, a long block is everything from the valve cover to the oil pan. A short block is the block, crank, rods, and pistons. Sometimes they come with an oil pan and timing cover, and I'll take them either way. I'm not interested in the L24 or L26 blocks. You can call me on my cell and leave a message if I don't answer. Be sure to leave me your phone number. zmanofwashington@gmail.com or 206-363-3577 Oliver


    Snohomish, Washington - US

  2. The gaskets we sell are made by Precision body gaskets. They are a US based company so all inventory is state side. The gaskets are actually manufactured in SE Asia (of course), and then shipped here. They have a local office and all R&D work is done here. I assist them in any way that I can and usually do the final fitment and critiquing. We sell 2 style of w/s gaskets, 1 that accepts the chrome and 1 that doesn't. I haven't put a w/s in a 510 for about 6 or 7 years using PRP gaskets so I can't say the fitment now is good but back then they were fine. I do install glass in all the old Datsuns provided I can find the parts of course. The majority of the body gaskets that we use for the z cars comes from them as well. jay123, the first quarter window gaskets are going to be for the 2 door models. Once the 2 door models are out of the way then they may go after the 4 door models, it just depends on how fast it takes them to get their money back on the first series. ZMOW
  3. Micromachinery, As far as the windshield gaskets go, what brand are you using and what is wrong with them? Eventually, they may start making the rear gaskets for the wagons but it's hard to say. I'm surprised that they're actually working the PL510 projects for me cause there aren't that many of them out there anymore. Getting them to start on the 280 zx projects was like pulling teeth and there's a lot more of them than 510's. We finally got them to start making the rear glass gaskets for the zx's this year but it took me 10 years and cash up front to get them to do it. zmow
  4. I sell new retractable seat belt kits that fit the 510's, the trucks, the 240 z's, and the 280 zx's as well. For the 510's there are 2 types available, the limp female receiver style for 84.95 per side and the stiff female receiver for 97.95 per side. I have to re-clock the stiff receiver style so that they sit at the correct angle, that's why they cost more. If someone wants to buy them unclocked and they can do it themselves then the stiff style is also 84.95 per set. I can get them in a couple of different colors but those would have to be special ordered. I usually carry black belts in stock of both styles. These belts do come with hardware kits included. You can view them on my online store at www.datsunstore.com Then you can click on the 510 section and go to interiors. You'll see the belt listing with a pic of one installed in a 510. I tried to do a link and a pic but was unable to in both cases. Those features don't seem to be working right now. The stiff female type is better than the limp type. Z man of Washington 360-668-2979
  5. dgi, I'm not sure of what you mean by the water seal for the door finisher. Are you referring to the chrome strip that runs on the outside of the door at the base of the glass? It has a rubber lip on it. If that's the case, that assymbly is called a belt moulding and I'm not aware of anyone that sells just the rubber anymore. I do sell the complete assymbly and it's listed on my online store at www.datsunstore.com Z man of Washington
  6. I've been working with a couple of rubber body gasket manufacturer for years. I try to get them to start making new gaskets for our old Datsuns. It has been painstaking but I have been making headway. Once they make a prototype, they give it to me to test fit the unit and critique it. They usually send a couple of tech guys out to my house to look over my shoulder and do the paperwork so I don't have to. Last winter the rear window gasket for the PL510 was test fitted and passed inspection. The new units are heading our way. The container full is in the US and I should be able to start selling the rear window gaskets by the first week of June. Once an order is placed it only takes me about a week to get the gaskets so if anyone wants one or more give me a call or send me an e-mail. I will be putting them up on my online store as well at the regular price. Regular price is 69,95 each BUT for the next 6 months if you mention you found us on ratsun.net I'll knock 15.00 off of the sale price which puts the cost at 54.95 each. Next project: The latest project is door gaskets for the 2 door PL510's. They have finished the prototype gaskets for the doors and I need a car to test them out on. I loaned them a passenger door for test fitting but now it's time for the final sign off. I don't have a 510 anymore and I'm looking for someone that can leave their car with me for a day or two to temporarily install new door gaskets and critique the fit. If the gaskets pass the test then the owner of the car will have the option to purchase the installed gaskets for $25.00 each. If they don't pass the test (or if the owner doesn't want them) then the original gaskets will be put back on at no charge of course. I need a test car within the next 2 weeks if possible. If the gaskets pass the test then they will go into production which will help us all. I'm in the Snohomish/Monroe area. I use to have the big shop located on highway 9 in Clearview and had to sell the property. I'm now running the shop out of my house which is about 15 minutes east of the town of Snohomish. Next project: After the door gaskets are done for the 2 door version, then they're going to make the 4 door version and then the quarter window gaskets. Z man of Washington www.datsunstore.com 360-668-2979
  7. Congrats on your find. FYI, I've got a new B210 GX emblem for the rear hatch, still in the box. I'm sure I've got other parts both new and used for your car although not a lot in either case. As I run across them I'll try to add them to my online store at www.datsunstore.com Z man of Washington 360-668-2979
  8. If you want to seriously shorten your throw on your truck, I offer a shortened shifter on my online store at www.datsunstore.com for 89.95. Go to the truck section and it should be in the interior section just after the shift knobs or you can use the hyperlink. http://www.datsunstore.com/shifters-shortened-throw-p-1790.html The posted pic shows the difference between a cut tower and an original tower out of a z car. I can take 4 to 6 " off of the truck shifter and it will be just about perfect. For an additional charge I can heat up the tower and pull it closer to the driver so you won't have to reach as far for 3rd or 5th gear if you want. The threads are clocked on the stock shifters and I still use the top section with the threads and make sure that I weld them back on with the same clocking. z man of washington 360-668-2979
  9. Perfect black dash, custom leather steering wheel cover, original silver velour seats with black vinyl sides and back, gray carpet, door panels are perfect, fully loaded 186,000 original miles, not a t-top car so no rain water leaks. Interior is in good condition and just about everything still works. Power rack and pinion steering, power mirrors, power windows analog dash. Body is in good condition but it does need some very minor body work on the right door and quarter panel. Red paint job is mostly original and worn out. New radiator, new KYB shocks, rebuilt/upgraded fuel injectors, recent turbo muffler, factory 5 spoke mags with old tires. This zx still has the stock stereo in it and it still works. Automatic trans with overdrive, otherwise known as a torque convertor lock up. When the overdrive kicks in the engine drops about 400 rpm making it an excellent cruiser on the highway unlike most automatic S30's. 26 mpg on the open road at 70+.This was my wife's grandkid hauling car for many years until she got a newer and larger vehicle so you can bet that I always kept it in tip top shape mechanically, or else I"d hear about it from her. We've owned it for over 13 years and it has always been a very reliable car and has served us well. We no longer need it and I've got way too many z's and need to sell off a bunch of them. It was a garage queen for the first 14 years of its life. Mileage is about 185,000 so it's got lots of life left in it. Rot factor is extremely low. Price is 3,400.00 firm, no trades. I've got lots of other z's to sell off too, from 70 to 86. Most of them are non runners from sitting but some of them do run. Non runners as low as 900.00. I'll be putting up more z's on the forum soon. Call me weekdays at 360-668-2979 or just send me an e-mail request. I'm not around on weekends.
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