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    1967 dodge coronet, 1980 Datsun pickup
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    Cars,Aquariums, Shooting, Fishing, Scuba Diving, Music, and Camping.
  1. spacemonkey

    Carb Questions

    I did! I was looking for that thread but hadn't found it yet, sorry for being redundant. You guys rock!
  2. spacemonkey

    Carb Questions

    What about a smog legal weber? Looking for a small power gain to aid in drive-ablility...What about a CA EMMISIONS COMPLIANT BOLT ON WEBER?
  3. spacemonkey

    Carb Questions

    Smog is due and a rebuild for the Hitachi is in order. Can anyone recommend anywhere in Socal? If possible is there an alternative that will give me more power that is smog legal? What about a carb spacer? Thanks Guys Josh
  4. spacemonkey

    Smog Legal Weber

    not much luck
  5. spacemonkey

    Smog Legal Weber

    you guys rock!...i will be cruising the web after work to see what i can find...ill let you guys know.
  6. spacemonkey

    Smog Legal Weber

    I have a hitachi carb thats going to die on me soon. What options are out there for CA Smog legal Weber carbs. I have a 1980 Datsun pickup with the L20B motor.

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