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  1. I had the axel come out of my Patrol so you lose a wheel and brakes. NOT GOOD! It was the right rear that let go. 33 inch tire with the long axel flying around. I'm so glad that didn't kill someone. Let me tell you have not had a pucker moment until you have a axel eject and have no brakes!!!
  2. Many, but mostly my 69 Buick Skylark. Front seat, back seat, hood, and trunk. Lots of good times in and on the Buick!
  3. Oh man that sucks! Not a good feeling when you lose the brakes, I've been there, you just gotta hold on.
  4. Nice Patrol. Did you install the chevy engine, and does it still use the stock trans/t-case?
  5. You got a great looking Patrol. How much of a difference did the weber carb make for runablity? It looks like you have the waterproof dizzie? If so not sure how hard those points are to find, but my non waterproof dizzie points are common with other Datsuns. RATSUN is a great site with lots of sarcasm, and I like that. You should check out http://www.60patrol.com/forum/ if you haven't yet. I have the same user name there, sign up if you haven't.
  6. The much hiped Nissan forklift with Patrol power really does exist. I read about this so much on Patrol sites years ago with no proof until now! The rotor in pic no.10 down from the top is the same as my 66 Patrol with none water proof dizzie. I don't see points in that diz. If there is a part no. on the diz. ignition module pass it on please! Check for PM.
  7. That pic looks like a dude? Freak show!!! Thats why I carry!
  8. Craig from Arlington,Wa. rollin a 66 Patrol. I don't do photophuckit so no pics. Soon to be rockin a 65 Patrol.
  9. Wow! I should have read the whole thread before posting. I'm calling in the morning to see whats going on with these Patrols. I contacted him a few months ago to buy back the 65. I may be to late.
  10. Hello Everybody, This is my first post here. Heard about your site from an old neighbor, and new co-worker. The awnser to your question is meet a guy like me that has looked at every Patrol for sale in the area. I owned Patrol no. 1,2 4,5 and another one not pictured. I had seven at one point, maybe eight? I will look thru my pictures. If you have a hard time contacting the owner let me know. I can help make contact. I still have one 66 Patrol. Its a rusty old dog, but runs great. I will get some pictures of my beater on here later.
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