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  1. Yeah boo just take off your bikini sit on the fender and put your ankles behind your ears and my boy will take some photos.
  2. What is this? Right hand drive Aussie Mopar?
  3. Driving to town in my Patrol and had the right rear axle come out. Felt a wierd wiggle from the rear and slowed down, another wiggle then it came out. Not a good feeling! When I was pulling it out of the bushes damn near got run over by an RV.
  4. I think he is looking at the post as(s) thread? Never mind he has both hands on the keys!
  5. I would run that thing off the road (post 9002) if we crossed paths. STUPID!!!
  6. Your going to see it over and over again.
  7. I'm going on vacation so no chance for me to bite the hook?
  8. Same thing played out in my town and the Police got involved. The investigation is on going. I don't know why the Portland Police aren't doing their jobs? http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20140622/NEWS01/140629847
  9. She is hot and knows it. Damn I wood like to watch her jump rope!!!
  10. Why the hell did I do thru this thread? At one point I wanted to put a bullet in my head but I'm just to cheap. So is Duffy Dolly Partons daughter just without the airbags?
  11. He is damn lucky it didn't go down that hill!
  12. I saw that Orange one on a trailer heading north Saturday, looked a little banged up in the front
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