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  1. If I remember right they did build a RWD Concept car with GN power.
  2. Looks to have a good coat of Washington primer. My kinda truck!
  3. The ornery old bastards will live the longest. Had a mean old nasty neighbor lady that lived to 90 something. Smoked a pack a day, drink shit beer, and potters vodka.
  4. Looked to be a 68 or 69? Thats based on fender parking lights, and door handle buttons?
  5. Great after looking at this I'm going to the toilet and shark
  6. Damn I don't remember what year it was that I drove my heap of a Nissan Patrol to the North Vancouver show? Looked at the pics once and computer fried.
  7. Cool car. Airing up those old ass tires is very sketchy.
  8. I made many trips across that R/R bridge going to Skagit Speedway.
  9. That matress is gettin action before it gets action! Oh yeah baby!!!
  10. I'm sure it has been said before? I just couldn't help myself! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvTpEoi0tzE&feature=player_embedded
  11. Bowling 40 times would give me a panic attack, changing my oil is therapy. If I lived your day, the JWs would have been the tipping point. You just gotta power trough the bad times.
  12. If Hot Wheels saw this they would copy it.
  13. I work for a company that makes big flying tubes. We were told not to say Merry Christmas? SERIOUSLY! On my way in today I got a Merry Christmas from everybody that passed me by.
  14. Sweet Patrol! That appears to be a 67? What year are the Datsuns?
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