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  1. Olympia and damn near every other town in Washington.
  2. Nope that is a bad ass Pontiac wagon. Look at the reflection in that paint. My friend wouldn't tell me for years how much it cost. He finally told me well over ten grand. I was at his place and he dropped a ladder on the car. He cried like his baby died.
  3. Does this bother people? On the gate of a 64 Tempest wagon that runs 11.50s in the 1/4mile.
  4. I always wondered the same thing when Bush Jr was in office. Was it Cheney or Rumsfeld running the show. Bush Jr seemed like a puppet?
  5. My mom had a 75 LTD like this. Sumbitch would lay rubber for a 100 feet. One wheel peel but damn it was fun!!!
  6. Jesus Christ I don't know where to start with a few of the resent posts. The anorexic girl has both feet in the grave. They are typically body image problems. Sexually abused get fat as a defense to defend future abuse. Micheal Jackson was probably sexually abused and became the abuser. Either way a freak and better off dead. As for the pedo treatment post, break there backs and send them in dick first!!!
  7. Battery and charger included. It is surprisingly powerful.
  8. Brother in law has a cobalt from Lowes. It works pretty damn good.
  9. I went to the transmission shop and said my trannie was leaking. Everyone busted out laughing.
  10. Oh the things we can't talk about today. I talked about my trannie going out and everyone thought I was a total freak?
  11. What about the Fox hunt drags? I was a young teenager sporting wood!
  12. If so I would get more ass badges than tits.
  13. This Farmtruck crew keep coming up with some wild stuff. Since there is no boat porn thread I'm dumping this here...
  14. Yeah I thought I had reached "Ban this asshole status" Hope I spelled asshole right or else I will get criticized?
  15. We didn't half too take IQ tests to bee hear!
  16. God bless Assmerica Ass that I love Stand behind her and guide her... Sorry that's all I got?
  17. Yep those plans were put on hold but are now back on track. Shameless pun.
  18. Similar thing happened at Bremerton Raceway. Bunch of houses built near the track and the whiny bitches started crying? BOO HOO you fucking cunts!!! They cut the track from 1/4 to 1/8 mile. This was mostly for insurance purposes and some what track regs.
  19. Nope future track development. They have a plan to move the drag strip. Road course will stay where it is.
  20. When the boarder opens come on down we will sell you one.
  21. I bet both of those vibrated like hell during production and looked like a porn!
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