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  1. What I did instead of going to golden Gardens.
  2. I drank to many beers while taking the top off of the mighty ratpatrol. No way in hell I'll be there. just had a bloody mary to take the edge off.
  3. I will prolly be there about 10:00. going to be lots of people seeing how its the best weekend of the year so far.
  4. First pic looks like driving up the side of a mountain, second one not so bad. No way in hell my Model T would make it, not even backwards. I get kind of winded just looking at the pic!
  5. I'm starting to forget things and have some grey hair, hope this qualifies me as an old fuck.
  6. a little more maybe and I might go topless?
  7. she promised not to post that video of me dancing, BITCH!!!
  8. I stopped at an estate sale last weekend end and there was a work bench that looked like this.
  9. Well then I'm going to Taco Bell tomorrow with my guns and spraying some hot sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I watched it 20 times before scrolling down to see your comment and laughed and watched it again.
  11. That's a raw bummer alright. Maybe next time?
  12. Had a good time for the short time I was there. Good meeting almost everybody. Thanks for the Pt. Town tour Aaron.
  13. 7:15 Ferry or bust and out eight dollars? Where's is a good breakfast Port Townsend?
  14. Replacing a bad axle bearing. Hope to bring tetanus shot
  15. Seen else where... http://hooniverse.com/2015/04/11/datsun-nissan-weekend-edition-1985-nissan-safari-granroad/
  16. My brother tried to drive one of those up a telephone pole, didn't work out so well and cost him $800. Mom was pissed, brother got a job.
  17. It is a very nice Patrol, but they are as high as the price! No way, I mean no damn way will they get close to that number!
  18. Thanks, thats the nicest thing anybody called me all day.
  19. No keep it dirty, I'll just scope it out from home.
  20. Back stabbing cunts! Can't trust them!!! Had a 20yr guy fired, head hunted.
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