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  1. If I'm still welcome after my Skidro Woolley comment early on I will be there?
  3. 71 Chevy would be a C20. My mom asked me a few months before she died how many cars I had owned. Can't find the list I made but it's about 60. Wish I had pictures of all of them, even the shit hole parts cars?
  4. Off his leash, no problem. I'm scared if he drops the bananahamuck and he should be too, certainly the banjos will start playin I voted for sunday because of a must attend party saturday, but this isn't about me even though I'm an attention whore with a Patrol. 25th it is!
  5. This must have been where the head in the helmet story came from? Nailhead Buick.
  6. No Patrols? I'll try to fit this Canby thing into my schedule next year???
  7. Lots of rare speed parts right there. Very cool! I got a 322 sitting in the shop but it's just a greasy lump.
  8. Is this a trick to get people to go back for another look?
  9. Welcome. Your going to be sorry! Now go get a Datsun!!! Warning do not buy a Nissan Patrol.
  10. quote didn't work as planned? deleted my stupid mess
  11. I think this is another social experment/class project. If bananahamuck hung this out there I would help him out just because we met once and he's a coo dude. Tell you what since you posted the cl-link I'm going to buy all the parts and sell them on ebay and get rich and retire early! and another thing I don't see no damn king pin in the pics
  12. There was a full scale made of this by Troy Ladd.
  13. So you want a local to buy the parts and ship them to you? Good luck with that!
  14. or do you get a yeast infection?
  15. I'd like to wheel one of those myself.
  16. Pulled battery out of the Patrol and put it in my 1944 2N Ford then mowed. Does that count?
  17. GOD DAMN! I can't believe I just watched that whole video? One to many whiskys I guess
  18. Sedro is the best town in Skagit County by far. The stinky arm pit is Concrete and the taint is Hamilton. but I think there are banjo players on every dead-end gravel road.
  19. I know a guy in Skidro Woolley, he plays a banjo when not playing the skin flute?!?!
  20. Damn sorry to read this about you and your truck.
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