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  1. Does he actually think he looks good?
  2. True but Tony could wear them!
  3. When my mom was in hospice care there was one particular lady who said she thought mom had a few months until she would pass away. Then it was a few weeks and at some point she said mom wouldn't make it through the weekend. She was 100% correct.
  4. If you are going to travel anywhere expect to have an anal probe taken to get across state lines?
  5. No I will sit on my hand until it goes numb. That's when it feels like a strange handy.
  6. That is when I use my left hand.
  7. Whatever, I'd still bang her balls deep. Or she could just rap those fingers around my c$$k and stroke it. But those teeth scare me.
  8. Well I gotta a serious problem now with blood in my baby batter so sex is out of the question. Maybe that is TMI?
  9. Ok I can't post a picture from my damn phone? Fuck!
  10. Random stuff I don't know anything about. https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/pts/d/kenmore-datsun-and-zx-turbo-parts/7360115978.html
  11. Why the hell isn't anything going on around here? Is everyone old man napping???
  12. Whoa getting freaking with the Datsun!
  13. Like above but they make them in 4 foot length. Hit a Tractor supply store. I have subjected mine to harsh loads and they hold up well.
  14. People who think they have bad ass cars trying to protect them by double parking? Fucking cunts! I need to get the Patrol out and go hunting for shittie parkers.
  15. There was a Mustang parked at 7/11 nearly half way into another spot on drivers side. I rolled in driving the Patrol and as a experienced forklift driver parked about 2 inches away from drivers door of the Mustang. I was still in my parking spot. Went inside and started looking at the newspaper killing time and profiling who would be the driver. First 3 people out the door went to different cars so I grabbed some beer. When getting close to the counter a lady walked out the door and saw what happened. She snapped around looking in the store with a total bitchy look on her face. She was shooting laser eyes at me while getting into my rig. The beauty of the Patrol is a push button start. I had to prolong her anger so I didn't turn the key on and cranked the engine several times just to fuck with her. I wonder if she ever pared like a dumb fuck again?
  16. To bad the robber didn't die! What a joke listening to the family member???
  17. If that were my kid one bullet. Now I expect a visit from SS.
  18. Bezos money went to the ex-wife. Wait Bill gates just got a divorce? Never mind! Hold on Bezos spent his money on a trip to space, and the god damn Amazon shipping center being built in Arlington, WA. It's so damn big there is a concrete plant on site!
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