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  1. I was against the vax last year totally blowing it off. Lady I worked with ended up in the hospital for two weeks, death bed but recovered. Decided to get it after talking with a few friends and family. I know many who got it (the vax) with not side effects. If you don't get it and get fired I guess you will go dig a bunker somewhere and wait for armageddon?

  2. 44 minutes ago, Dguy210 said:


    I'm already crazy. I give a fuck because I'm being fired for not taking this shot. As you can imagine this pisses me off something fierce, my fucking employer does not own MY BODY.


    Forcing medical procedures on healthy people to keep their job is fucking immoral as all shit, especially when it has a chance of DEATH.


    So yeah, I get fucking pissy when the fucking assholes in power consider me a fucking slave that they can order to me to put something into my body or get fired, that I don't want, I find ethically fucked, and that violates my religious beliefs. 


    IT IS WRONG AND IT IS EVIL. And all that it takes for EVIL to succeed is for GOOD men to do nothing.

    OK I totally get where you are coming from. I have had my blinders on regarding the news and this mandate. It is fucked up no doubt. Many of the self entitled Boeing workers are always fighting the company about complete BS. This is going to be interesting on many levels. Guys in my job code are retiring early so maybe I will get back to work sooner than later. I am a selfish prick so to bad for them. I just want to get back to work. Got the moderna vax earlier in the year with no side effects. Several people were apposed to it but talked with their doctors and family deciding to get it. Tough decisions.

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  3. 28 minutes ago, Dguy210 said:


    You have every right to get it if you think it is the right choice for YOU. Having that decision taken away from you by mandate or risk of losing your job is what is NOT right.


    Also, last I checked you can take hearing protection off when you get home. It is not a PERMANENT MODIFICATION to your body demanded by your employer.


    Most employers have no loyalty to their employees but think it is perfectly acceptable to force them to undergo a medical procedure that has a RISK OF DEATH.


    Let's all crunch the numbers now. We will use CDC accepted numbers even if they are likely bullshit or under reported.


    # of vaxxed Americans= 209,701,005 

    # of vax deaths reported (VAERS) what CDC uses= 16,310

    # of vax permanent disabilities (VAERS)= 23,712

    # of vax life threatening events = 17,618

    # of vax hospitilizations = 75,605


    So we can then divide the adverse event/number of total vaxxed Americans and get your chance of something bad happening.

    Chance of death 16,310/209,701,005 = 1 in 12857. So if you mandate the vax for a company of 13,000 people you will kill 1 with the mandate. 

    Chance of permanent disability 23713/209,701,005 =1 in 8843. So for that same company of 13,000 people you have now maimed at least 1 and almost 2 people.

    Chance of life threatening event= 17618/209,701,005 =1 in 11902. Another person has had a life threatening event, or could be the same person.

    Chance of them being hospitalized= 75605/209,701,005= 1 in 2773. So 4.6 or call it 4 to 5 people you've sent to the hospital.




    The overall death rate from COVID is 185 per 100,000 people, so scaling to 13,000 people it is 24 people from 13,000.


    So for the vaccine mandate you need to kill 1 person for every 24 you could potentially save and let me remind you the vaccine does not prevent 1. death from covid, 2. catching covid, spreading covid.




    BIDEN'S vax mandate through OHSA is expected to force 80,000,000 people to get the vax. It will statistically kill 6,222 people who would otherwise not die. HIS ACTIONS WILL KILL 6000 people. That is literally twice what died on 911 and we went to war over that.



    NOTE: WE know these numbers of adverse events are highly under reported by likely a factor higher than 10.


    If you give people a choice and tell them the risks that is fine but as soon as you force it you are responsible for killing or hurting those people.





    GOD DAMN you are going to drive yourself crazy about this. If you want to get vaccinated so be it, if not fine. I don't give a fuck about Joe Biden's opinion. I don't give a fuck about Donald Trumps opinion or Hillary Clinton's opinion either. I'm a free thinker. CNN or FOX doesn't influence what I do with my life. Ease up and enjoy life man.

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  4. 22 hours ago, Dguy210 said:


    Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.


    Are you ok with selling your body to your employer? Do you think complying will make this end? It only makes this worse.


    If you are forced to undergo a medical procedure you don't want by your employer to work you are nothing but a slave.

    I got the vax for my piece of mind not my employer, currently unemployed. I make my choices for me, sometimes others can influence me. This rarely happens though. As far as work goes they have company policies, hearing protection required and such. Funny thing is a few guys were spouting off about freedom of speech and perched on their soap box. Well they got their asses handed to them. I do hope the anti vax fuckers get fired. The 3 of them in my job code are worthless fuckers so good by losers.

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  5. 9 hours ago, Racer X 69 said:

    Yesterday the management at The Big Shed announced that everyone at all US locations will be required to be fully vaccinated, or have an exemption for health reasons, or an exemption for sincere religious reasons, by December 8, or they will no longer have a job.


    Some say, and have been saying all along, that they will not get vaccinated, e even if it means they no longer have a job. Most don’t have a qualifying reason for an exemption.


    So simply because they don’t want to be told to get the shot, these people are going to give up $40 to $50 an hour, benefits, vacation, sick leave and seniority.


    Sounds pretty stupid to me.

    If this is what it takes for me to get back to work so be it. You are referring to the big flying tube company right?

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  6. 1 hour ago, DaBlist said:


    DG Machine = Dale Green, Great guy and engine builder. 

    That's what I hear. Several people have said the same thing. Hope to make a few passes at Pacific in a few weeks.

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  7. RIP Gabby Petito


    A different destruction of America. Wack job guys killing there girlfriends. I watched the hour+ long video of the police contact before she went missing. Damn those cops should have taken her in for protection. She was scared and generally a mess. I bet that weasel fuck was butt raping her. I hope that fucker gets eaten by croc or gator, what ever is down there in Florida. What a POS coward!!!

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  8. On 8/23/2021 at 3:49 PM, angliagt said:


                      I had a friend stationed there.I was driving my new '77 Toyota SR5 Longbed

    up the island.All-of-a-sudden,it started shaking & making weird noises.Turned out to be

    jets doing touch-&-gos.

    This was just south of Coupeville, WA. They had a aircraft carrier deck painted on an old runway for pilot practice. Do a search for U.S. Navy Outlying Airfield

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  9. 4 hours ago, datzenmike said:

    ....zackley. I get more 'news' here than elsewhere. By 'news' I mean the full spectrum of shit that's out there. Almost nothing here is personal experience and all links and you tube videos can't be fact checked or you would a/ never post them or b/ post them 5 pages late to the party. So lets agree that the car we are all in is the world, and we just missed a turn and drove off a cliff. What's wrong with me turning up the radio?



    Sometimes you just have to laugh at it all.

    Blues Brothers is just pure comedic action. 

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  10. 32 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

    If you were to tell your doctor that you think that you really are a horse and want to be treated as such, he and your family would insist that you see a psychiatrist and get counseling help. Your best friend gets a saddle and the doctor says WTF are you doing?? Don't re-enforce his delusion by putting a saddle on him and riding him around!!! Are you crazy???


    But it would be perfectly OK if he were to think he was a woman???? 

    Whoa where you going with that one?


    I told the doctor I had pain in my left nut. He wanted to know what kind of sex I like? Funny how people interpret what you say or type. Oh by the way my hand slipped.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Dav said:

    Oh no, was it a quote, or just an old guy who didn’t know how to edit?  Seems like you belong to the hypersensitive Hot Wheels forum.  I’ll make it a point to not go there.

    Well I can't edit myself out here either. I truly was threatened with a ban there for quoting myself. The Hot wheels collector site was very clunking years ago.

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