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  1. Thank You Tinman. I thought that was it but wanted to ask first. Appreciate the response
  2. Daughters truck has had this issue since we bought it. Truck runs really well except on cold start the RPM is really high, I'd estimate at least 2500 or more, and this cant be good on a cold engine. it's a stock Hitachi carb with everything hooked up properly and no vacuum leaks etc. Is there an adjustment for the choke on this I'm missing somewhere? I've done some searching and the only thing I'm finding is adjustment of the fast idle cam??? Any help appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the responses guys. I've done a bunch of connection cleaning and searching for grounds that have possibly come disconnected but all seem to be good. I think I have a wiring diagram downloaded so ill start going through that. I'm sure its something simple
  4. I did some searching but didn't find anything specific. I recently purchased a 72 510 and its got an interesting problem. The temp gauge and the fuel gauge both increase rapidly when I turn on the headlights or drive the car. There aren't any hack jobs in the wiring and the car is pretty much stock. I'm leaning towards some type of ground issue but may be off base on that. Everything works on the car electrically BTW. Any ideas on where to start greatly appreciated
  5. Wheels look Sweet Greg :thumbup:
  6. ^^^Hows she runnin' bud?^^^
  7. He was the one negotiating...as in dropping the price without me even asking...I was wanting something a little less rusty and went to see it without my trailer....
  8. I had this guy down to $175 .....its got rusty floors but the L20B and 5 speed and other misc would be worth the part out.....https://modesto.craigslist.org/cto/5719356763.html
  9. I'm looking for some front seat risers if anyone is scrapping an old rusty 510. PM me for contact if you have some you could bring to Maaaannnteca.
  10. Your build is AMAZING!!! Can't wait to see this in a couple weeks.
  11. I guess since i'm dropping the tank and going to have a new feed put in I might as well just have them do a 5/16 feed and return, no?
  12. That makes sense.....
  13. So, I've done a kade swap into my '72 WAGON. I've got it running using the CanAm box and all seems to work properly but I think I have a fuel issue. I attempted to run the return through the stock return setup on the wagon which didn't turn out so well. Leaking fuel everywhere in the rear of the car even with all new hoses....I assume because this system was designed mainly for vapor in a carb'd setup.... For those that have done this swap in a Wagon using a stock fuel tank, how did you set up your return and how did it work out? I'm guessing I'll need to remove the tank and have a return welded in? I did do a search on this and didn't find anything Goon specific...... Any help appreciated!!!
  14. Nice job and good attention to detail!! Looking good
  15. I swear I've seen that Goon rolling around in Stockton before. Where'd you get it?
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