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  1. I'm surprised, no buyers yet! I have some over seas guys wanting some parts, but I want to try and sell locally first. Some of this stuff might end up on eBay too. It always goes fast on eBay!
  2. 2 powder blue 1980 210's This is fun... The one one the right with rims is mine and the other 210 is owned by guy down the the street from me. This photo was taken before I converted the front end to the 1979 round headlights. I had to get different fenders, hood, grill, headlight assembly, and apron/spoiler. I'll post photos of the mod after I get her painted...goodbye baby blue!
  3. Do you have any experience with stereo installation?
  4. Sorry no trunk lid. There was one at the SE Portland pick 'n pull a week ago.
  5. If anyone is local I would consider a trade for a dash console or help with a new stereo install. My console has a crack from the last stereo install and I'm confused on how they spliced the wires on the last install. I bought a cheap stereo and need a little help with installing it...!?
  6. Bottom spoiler in alright shape and top grill cover is in great shape
  7. Hey, guys when I get home from work I'll take some photos and figure out how to post them thru photobucket. Also, pm me and I'll give you my number. Thanks, Mark
  8. I made the adjustments, thank you!
  9. I have right passenger side fender in great shape $65. Passenger side light cover $25. Grill with amber turn signals $40. Both headlight assembly $20 each. Hood $65. Tail lights $30 each. Red turn signal lights $15 each. Back bumper cover (a little rust) $25. front bumper apron or spoiler $15. Top bumper grill cover $20. The parts are original light blue paint and are from my 1980 (12/79) square headlights, 4door Sedan w/88,000 original miles. Ask questions or pm me... Thanks, Mark Grill with ambers, headlight assembly, grill apron and spoiler, right light cover Back bumper cover (primed in black) Back bumper cover has a little rust (underside) Right side fender (good condition!) Red tail end side lights
  10. MONYX

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, all you 210 freaks! I just converted my 1980 (12/79) Sudan to the 1979 front end. I had damage to my driver side fender and I wanted to switch over to round headlights. So now I have a bunch of parts that would fit on 210 '80-'82. Find my listing in parts if interested!
  11. I have the '79 grill now, looks sweet. Now I just need to get round light pans. Does anyone know if thats all I need for the headlight assembly, is just the pans and spring and screws? Is that all for a '79 headlight assembly, or are there mounting brackets too? Of course it looks like I'm gonna have to drill new holes in the 1980 frame. '80 frame is the same as the '79 and has the round cut outs. I'm gonna post pics up soon of the whole process converting my '80 210 square headlights to the '79 front end! 1979 parts I had to get for this conversion: Cowl Grill Headlights and assembly (still need) Fenders Hood (still don't have, I might costumize my '80) Bumper (I might just leave my '80 on) Front Apron (still need or I'll leave my '80)
  12. MONYX

    1978 datsun b210

    Still no engine shots?
  13. 1979 210 round headlight assembly. I need left and right headlight assembly and round pans. Need ASAP! Have Cash! Thanks
  14. MONYX

    1978 datsun b210

    So did Paul buy it or not?

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