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    looking for this style. Thanks.


  2. was hoping to see more 510s there, but oh well. still had fun.
  3. What is the brake bias on the stock 510 at? And the 280zx? I don't drive like an asshole on the street anymore, but I like the added piece of mind that if need to get on the brakes, I will stop in time. Most of the driving on my commute is 80mph since anything less than that you are just a moving traffic cone. How well do the 280 brakes stand up with higher speeds? I know I'm planning on a slower DD, but my original plan was to out a 13b in it. (I used to have an rx-2 and repu).
  4. So i have a goon that has just been sitting and now i am finally itching to start working on it, but i am at a loss as to what i should be doing with brakes. there seems to be a lot of conflicting opinions on what should be done. it would seem like the best option is 200sx rear discs, but what about the fronts? it seems like the coupe/sedan guys go with 280zx all around, but what about the goonies? 200sx rear+280zx fronts? Is getting a vacuum booster a preferred method as well? i see a few write ups on people doing it, but it also doesnt seem to be very common from what i can tell (im new to the datsun scene) Basically my goal for the car is to just be my DD, with a focus on MPG and safety, hence the brakes. car has an L16 which is running well enough for me to not bother with, but if it goes out soon i am figuring an L18 swap, if it goes out much later, all bets are off. So knowing this, what would you guys suggest? or just say F-it and roll with the stock 1" square pads in the front? its a 72 4spd FWIW. side note: what do the guys with E30 seats use for seat belts? the ones in the car dont fit the receptacle (not sure if the belts are stock, and i dont have the stock female parts either)
  5. i do have a problem with this though: ~i need so and so part ok, ill need the last 7 digits of the VIN to look it up ~ok, the last four digits are 3489 since they have given me 4 digits so many times i actually thought that i was going crazy and THOUGHT i was saying "7" and was actually saying "4" so i started recording myself and i always say "7". i do NOT know what to do about this.
  6. every brand is different..... if you give me the last 7 of a BMW vin i can give you the entire thing.
  7. yeah im taking welding classes right now. when we are doing horizontal flux my lenses will last about a week. overhead flux is a couple days. with mig/tig they will last forever
  8. with the slag i was talking about multipe passes. if you dont have good technique you are going to get a little wedge of slag that is next to impossible to remove without a grinder, which is creating more work for yourself. and from my experience i have to change lenses out MUCH more often when using flux core over mig.
  9. the biggest problem with flux core is that you need to clean up all the slag, and if you dont you are creating imperfections in the weld. Not to mention that there is a lot more spatter, which can be an issue depending on the position you are welding (i dont like getting burnt)
  10. Yes this works. Its also a good idea to bevel the edges whenever possible.
  11. i work in parts not service. I know how to do a lot of the work, but if I tell a customer how to do it, and they fuck it up and bring it back to us in service saying "this guy told me to do it like this!?", then I'm fucked. And in the dealership world CSI is king, anything that all the results in bad CSI that gets traced back to you = bad news bears.
  12. a very quick and effective way to get in a lot of trouble.
  13. oh and, that second conversation did happen. and after we sent him the part, he called back and talked to somebody else about ordering a couple more seals, and then again asked them about installing it. and then later that day he called back again because someone sent him the wrong driveshaft guibo (he needed the one for the front driveshaft) and asked AGAIN about installing it.
  14. ive worked the retail parts counter at a bmw/mini dealership for about 5 years now. you have no idea how many stupid customer stories i have. and im normally not that short/brash with my comments, but i just trimmed the conversations down a bit. but for this instance, if i tell a customer that i dont have a part in stock, then i dont have it. they shouldnt need to ask me AGAIN if i have it, but every so often you just get one of those customers that wont give up on asking if i have it.
  15. heres one i had last week: Hi i need the center diff on an X5 ~ok, i have it in stock, its XXXX.xx, and your price is XXXX.xx ok, does it come with fluid in it? ~yeah it comes ready to go ok... so then it comes with the fluid? ~yes.... so how do i install it? ~i have no idea sir, im not a mechanic oh... so you dont know how to install it? ~nope. ok. but you said it comes with the fluid right? ~yes it does... is there anything else i need to install it? ~nope thats it. ok... so do you know how to install it? ~no i dont. and it comes with the fluid? ~yes it does..... ok, send it tomorrow morning! I just feel bad for the poor sap that took his car to get it worked on there.
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