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  1. qship510


    Why use the KA transmission? Aren't the internals the same as a late 280ZX trans anyway? No driveshaft or crossmember mods that way
  2. qship510

    '69 4 door dime - DD project

    What about the C-Pillar vents? if it had the smog stuff still, it would be '70 specs, not '69
  3. qship510

    '69 4 door dime - DD project

    See how your C-Pillar vents are plastic and the screws are visible? This is an early '70, not a '69 Just like my 2 door
  4. qship510

    72 blue goon

    So if you ever want to sell those wheels I would definitely be interested. No, really, no matter what Hainz thinks of them...
  5. qship510

    240z restoration (help red code color )

    That GTR really looks like Porsche Guards Red
  6. qship510

    Let the fun begin 1973 Datsun 510 2 dr

    Very early '70's had '69 style/size marker lights front and rear, the smaller front turn signals with matching valance, and the early dash. The emission equipment is '70 model year style, and the C-Pillar vents are plastic. I'm betting that is an early '70. My '70 was equipped this way, I swapped in the later dash, the bumper mounted license plate light, and the early C-pillar vents.
  7. qship510

    Skeleton Bones // 510 4 Door project.

    When you want to ditch those wheels on the 310 let me know, been searching a long time for a set of those!
  8. qship510

    Autocross/Street Handling '72 510 Wagon

    Larry is the coolest!! I drove that car at Shasta back in.......2000? Maybe? Definitely looks like it has evolved some
  9. qship510

    Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

    IMHO the heat shield could be much smaller and discreet attached to the master cylinder. I can't see any support for the middle of the shield, vibration induced cracking could also be a problem. Engine compartment and manifold look BOSS though
  10. qship510

    Pinky and the Brain another dime

    I totally understand what James is saying. I just finished extensive repairs on a car, I've had it for about 8 months. But right up front I told the guy (really good friend of mine) that I was going to be doing the work in my "spare time". He knows that I have three kids and run my own business, and he was suitably patient through the whole process. He was willing to wait because he was confident in my ability and because I was saving him thousands of dollars. Because he was patient, I really enjoyed the project instead of growing to hate it near the end. Rare to find an owner who really understands what it takes to get something done. This ain't Overhaulin'
  11. qship510

    ParaDime Project

    raising the rear control arm pivots 1" kills most of the squat
  12. qship510

    Alex's red 4 door

    If you've got the means, take it to Z Car Garage and beg Rob to take pity
  13. qship510

    71 510 Project (Ellaway)

    Hey, BTW, if you ever want to sell those wheels.....let me know....
  14. Sacramento area, Rio Linda. Still available, PM'ers haven't confirmed (paid and picked up) yet

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