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  1. HeyJoe!

    HeyJoe!'s 521.

    It's a long and complicated story, but I've decided to sell my truck. It could be yours! Please see my add in the classifieds. -Joe
  2. HeyJoe!

    HeyJoe!'s 521.

    I measured the stencil I used to cut the plywood bottom piece, It's about 19 1/4" x 12".
  3. HeyJoe!

    HeyJoe!'s 521.

    521 package tray attempt #1. -------------------------------------------------------- I decided to make a new package tray since my old one was falling apart. I used this thread as a guideline: http://community.ratsun.net/topic/55930-package-tray-redux/ Here we go, all materials bought at either Home Depot or the local hardware store. To start off I just traced the general shape if the original: Cut some 1/4" plywood in the general shape of the package tray and cut some 1" x 2" pine. The old one and the new one. This piece that goes into the passenger side kick plate is kinda tricky, you just have to wing it. Cut a piece of tin in the general shape of the metal "holder" on your old one, if you don't have an old one it's OK, just don't drill the hole in it yet. Here's the first mock-up: This is a piece of Home Depot aluminum, cut and bent to fit. OK, at this point I got my wife involved, she created some fancy joints to attach the corners. I should have taken more pictures during the process, but trust me there was lots of cutting and sanding and filling & etc. You don't have to get this fancy, just use your chop saw and some screws/glue. Stain it... Install it. Finish with some rubber mat from Home Depot. Done. Next time I'll angle the 1 x 2 where it meets the kick-board for a better fit. ^^^ Bottom line: If you don't have a package tray, make your own!
  4. HeyJoe!


    I cleaned out the garage recently, here's what I'm bringing. Decent 521 hood with lip trim. $65.00 vvvv Cracked 521 dash cap/pad with ashtray. $30.00 vvvv Round exhaust A87 cylinder head, this was a throw in when I bought my truck 4 years ago, I don't think it's worth much. No cam. $30.00 vvv All prices are o.b.o. I'm also bringing about 10 datsun L-series t-shirts that I made. Mostly black/blue, mostly L and XL. Some grey, a couple of white ones. All with light blue motor/lettering. $8 bucks each. vvv I'm looking for a 521 heater box and a nice rebuild-able L16.
  5. HeyJoe!


    A friend of mine spotted this heading North on the 405 in Long Beach yesterday. Hopefully heading to a good home.
  6. HeyJoe!

    HeyJoe!'s 521.

    I've made a little progress lately. The radiator started leaking from under the top tank on the inside. Might have been leaking slowly for a while. The radiator had been re-cored by the previous owner, so I assumed the core was good. I pulled it and took it to a local radiator guy, he confirmed that the core was good and, repaired it for $70. Great! But it looked pretty crappy...I spent a couple hours straightening the fins that were dented in, I used a hole punch, slow going, but satisfying. I just carefully pushed them into the right shape. Then I got some Eastwood "radiator paint" (1 can) and painted the heck out of it. Turned out looking O.K. before vvvvvv after vvvvv I got a new drain-plug/petcock form ebay.. Might be a little too glossy, but I can live with it. vvvv Also, I ended up buying new tires for my "spare" rims that I got powder-coated a while ago. It's going to take some getting used to, they look OK, more of a stock look. Which is what I'm going for, I think?! Maybe I was just used to the old black rattle canned rims.....? When I got the rims powder-coated, I had them do the spare holder chain also, same color. vvv Does anyone have a spare 520/521 hubcap in half decent shape they'd like to part with? I'd like go get one for my spare.. ^^^ Will trade a Datsun Tee-shirt (Large and XL only) plus a couple bucks.. :thumbup: Random shot...vvvv
  7. HeyJoe!

    HeyJoe!'s 521.

    Next run I will make some XXL's, right now I've only got L & XL.
  8. HeyJoe!

    HeyJoe!'s 521.

    I made about 15 of these t-shirts, they're not perfect, I screened them in my basement... Shirts are brand new Gildan, 100% cotton preshrunk... I've only got L and XL, blue and black w/(light)blue ink.... Any interest? Cheap, probably about 9 bucks plus shipping. If at least a couple people seem interested I'll post them in the classifieds. vvv
  9. HeyJoe!


    Not really a sighting, but.. My buddy works with this guy (see photo), the 620 was sold long ago. He's got these pictures up in his cubicle......VVVV Looks like there might be some art on the hood, maybe.
  10. HeyJoe!

    Post-tits $1.99

    Shannon Doherty, Beverly Hills 90210? ^^^
  11. HeyJoe!

    HeyJoe!'s 521.

    I got my "spare" set of rims powdercoated, came out looking pretty good! Anybody know where I can get a (521) steering/gear box fill plug? vvvv I picked up this one at the swap meet, it's missing the fill plug. The plan is to get it rebuilt, cleaned up and then swap it out for the leaky one in my truck.
  12. HeyJoe!

    DatsunNippon carshow/swapmeet at Eagle Rock

    Forgot I had this picture, meant to post it day of the swap meet, anyway.... vvv
  13. HeyJoe!

    DatsunNippon carshow/swapmeet at Eagle Rock

    Couple pics from today.
  14. HeyJoe!

    Post Your 521.

    Today at Eagle Rock swap meet.
  15. HeyJoe!

    HeyJoe!'s 521.

    Thanks. Yeah I paid for it, not much $ though. I'm working this weekend so I won't be able to make it. I'll get there one of these weekends though, S.M.'s really not that far from where I live..

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