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  1. Dalesun

    cooling for rebello L20B in '71 510

    http://thmotorsports.com/i-1974991.aspx?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=1974991NOFITMENT&utm_campaign=GoogleShoppingSeanNOFITMENT&adtype=pla&kw=&gclid=CJuv9vmS_sYCFVSSfgodvdAEpg Believe I got it here. I just took the part number, googled it under shopping and sorted price lowest to highest. Found the cheapest one including shipping. Took a few days to arrive and it came in a great box. No damage at all.
  2. Dalesun

    cooling for rebello L20B in '71 510

    Assuming this is going in your 510 I got a Koyo 510 radiator for my 521 and it is awesome. I have a stock l20b and it never goes over 185 even in 100° heat ripping around town. Really good quality and only cost me $260 shipped. Bolted right in and fan shroud bolted up too. I am sure it will cool your engine enough unless your doing some crazy built engine.
  3. Dalesun

    CLASSIFIEDS Canby Delivery Only

    PM me if you want it.
  4. Dalesun

    CLASSIFIEDS Canby Delivery Only

    I have a 210 and open chamber W53 head. I'll be driving up to Canby tomorrow.
  5. Dalesun

    Bad bad adam........

    Glad to hear you'll make it man.
  6. I'll be leaving Eugene around 3pm tomorrow with Heneryhustler. I'll be in my 2 Dr 210 and he will be in his 210 wagon. Anyone rolling through Eugene around 3pm?
  7. Dalesun

    Bad bad adam........

    It's okay man. I knew you were good for it. I'll shoot you a text.
  8. Dalesun

    Bad bad adam........

    I paid for a washer nozzel for a 521 back in November. Never got it. Forgot about it for a while though. No hard feelings man. Let me know if you still have it.
  9. Dalesun

    Calling all Eugene area RATSUNERS!!!

    Don't think I'll be able to leave that early on Friday. I'm planning on leaving at 3pm at the latest. Can't wait to see the Canby truck!
  10. Dalesun

    Calling all Eugene area RATSUNERS!!!

    Who all in the Eugene area is going to Canby this year? And what time are you planning on leaving? I'll be driving up on Friday. Not sure what time yet.
  11. Dalesun

    ZDDP Addative for Flat Tappet Engines

    I just have a 5 gallon bucket with a lid. When it fills up I take it to an auto parts store that has a tank for it and have them dump it.
  12. Dalesun

    Still a Datto group in Eugene/Spring Oregon?

    There is a Eugene area ratsuners page on here. We mostly moved to Eugene area Datsun club on FB. I Havnt meet up with any Eugene guys lately and would be nice to get a Eugene meet going.
  13. Dalesun

    Will 620 dog bones fit 521?

    Was wanting to swap over everything atached to the 620 dogbone. King pins, hub, bearing, brakes. I know the wheel cylinders are metric and would need adapters. I have a pair from a 72 620 and it would be for my 71 521. Just wanting to know if the 620 dogbones would bolt into the 521 upper and lower control arms. Or if the 620 upper and lowers will bolt onto the 521 frame so I wouldnt have to deal with the lower fluction pins. Ive ordered that ebay kit from Singapore and they came with rust on them that was more than just surface rust.
  14. Dalesun

    Will 620 dog bones fit 521?

    I have some play in my king pins. Instead of replacing them I though about just swapping 620 dog bones on there. To me it would be easier than replacing king pins. Found a thread from back in 07 but the guy never posted if it worked out or not. Want to know if this can be done and if anyone has done it before.
  15. Dalesun

    a15 head

    Its a good idea. If you get low numbers it could mean the rings are bad abd thats why its smoking. Would suck to rebuild that head and it still smoke cause of the rings. Warm it up all they way then do a comp test on all four. If the numbers are still low put a some oil in thru the spark plug hole and test again. If it goes up then its probably the rings. A leakdown test will also probably help you. You can go down to a parts store and borrow the tools to test it if you dont have them or dont want to buy them. They just charge you a deposit in case you dont bring it back.

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