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  1. It was a backwards situation but I love how it looks. I'm super happy with it and don't think I would change it
  2. Some 14x7 southern way mesh wheels my brother ran in his. we flipped the rear barrels to get a better offset... Sorry didn't see the post was so old
  3. Thanks brother! I love my car it puts a smile on my face everyday. I understand it's far from everyones style but that just makes me love it more!
  4. Sorry boss these are already spoken for...
  5. Funny thing is I'm 6'5" and I fit pretty good. I'm steering away from the recaros because it looks outta place to me. I love the old school look of low back buckets.
  6. As long as you measured on the inside of the lips!!!!
  7. I respect this comment. It's pretty low but I can still see everything. I've always loved the zokusha style and its what I think fits the personality of this car.
  8. 13x6 I'm guessing pretty close to 0 offset
  9. You must be afraid of me hitting all those low flying aircraft or something. I'll keep an eye out though. I thought this place was ratsun... RATsun not the 510 realm or the fucking Datsun museum. This car was rotted and gone to everyone but James and a few other people. It will never have nice paint, straight body or approval from the Datsun purists. I'm just expressing myself through my car. Every year I get to drive this car without it rotting into the earth I feel lucky.
  10. Thanks man! Your going to be bummed but the recaros are going away. I'm going back to lowback buckets same upholstery though.
  11. Man im glad you said something. I'll hop right on that for you! Is there anything else I can do to my car for you?
  12. That it was! They where a three piece wheel. We where pretty lucky to find them.
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