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  1. slemers

    Oregon towns to move to

    Canvas has a paper mill which is closing this summer. There are certain parts of town which are uh, rather aromatic. Great schools though. Vancouver schools aren't bad either.
  2. slemers

    Oregon towns to move to

    Camas has excellent schools and it's 17-20 minutes to PDX. I use to commute from PDX to Lax. No state income tax and no sales tax in Oregon. Best of both worlds.
  3. slemers

    Pinched fuel return line.

    This sounds like what my 720 did when my aftermarket fuel pump gave up the ghost. During cold weather the truck ran fine but as the weather heated up last year in Portland, the fuel pump thermal protection cut the pump off and stranded me twice. After sitting for 20-30 minutes the truck would start and run for awhile before the pump overheated again. I had an aftermarket pump installed by a previous owner. I replaced it with a factory type Beck-Arnley pump and it has been fine ever since. I'm running a Weber on my Z22 and I am running the fuel return line without a regulator. slemers
  4. slemers

    1980 720 2WD (AZJones' Build Thread)

    What kind of mileage are you getting now? Hopefully it's in the 20's slemers
  5. This could be a great thread, if people have it in them to tell everyone else their screwups. I know I have my share. I had the motor in my 1600 roadster rebuilt back in the early 80's. I was working as a mechanic at Travis AFB in Ca. I made a parts run to SFO to get some loaner parts from Pan American airlines. On the way down I filled up at a Flying J gas station. I made it almost back home before the car started running like shit, belching white smoke and generally running like crap before it died and I pulled onto the shoulder of I-80. I assumed I had blown a head gasket, pulled the head and found nothing obviously wrong with the head or the gasket. The plugs were all wet though and it sure didn't smell like gasoline to me. I put the motor back together and cranked it up and it sputtered one or twice as the carbs filled up but that was it. I was stumped, it had good compression, good spark and fuel. WTF? I ended up buying a 70 1600 parts car and swapped the engine and trans into it. I went to fire up this combination and I had the same result. Cough, cough, then nada. On a whim I hooked up a can of gas to it and the things ran perfectly. I swapped my motor only to discover I had a bad tank of gas. Of course by this time the gas station was off the hook. I think this is slightly worse than draining the transmission instead if the oil! :sick: I kept the car for another 8 years so it wasn't a total loss but it sure did piss me off at the time..... I have had few more mis-adventures over the years but this was the most lamebrain I will cop to.(At least on the internet) slemers
  6. slemers

    new guy, might be picking up this car tomorrow.

    exit64 beat me to it! That is a 1600 motor. Check out datsun.org for roadster info too. slemers
  7. slemers

    Canopy Mounting

    There is a canopy on CL I may go take a look at this weekend if the guy still has it. It's in Gresham I believe. Needs some work on the back window though. slemers
  8. slemers

    Canopy Mounting

    Are those tie down straps from Harbor Freight? I'm contemplating a canopy for my 720 too. slemers
  9. slemers

    New Owner Camas

    Installed a Beck Arnley 152041 fuel pump over the weekend. It's a direct fit replacement pump made in Japan. It was 155 at Amazon.com. It previously had a Airtex pump installed that looked like it had been there a few years. The last tank of fuel returned 29.4 mpg with the Weber on mostly highway miles. Not too shabby for a secondhand carb. slemers
  10. slemers

    1980 720 2WD (AZJones' Build Thread)

    My Z-22 runs much better after the thermostat is open. But I would think that the choke would open fully even if the engine didn't get to full operating temp. Glad to hear it's up and running and things are improving. Sounds like changing the t-stat helped :) Did you figure out all of your vacuum line routing? Your carb rebuild sounds like it worked out well too. slemers
  11. slemers


    The past few days I have seen a suspicious looking 510 wagon parked at PCC Sylvania. Looks alot like Draynors. :) In fact it is Draynors I'm the guy that bought your black seats for my 720. slemers
  12. slemers

    1984 720 4WD - Need Rear Axle/Parking Brake Cable Help

    You can disconnect the parking brake cables at the rear brake shoe pivot where they attach. You probably have to remove the brake shoes to do this.I found that my right side PB cable was seized and had to be replaced. The cables are available, I ordered three of them before I got the right one. I have a 82 720 KC. The Haynes manual I have illustrates the parking brake system fairly well. As as the time crunch goes, Just carry some chocks and call it good. That's what I did until I got mine hooked up and working. slemers
  13. slemers

    New to carbs - Missing dashpot?

    MY z-22 2wd gets 24.5 to 25.5 combined city/highway with a North American Weber. I've never taken a long trip with it.
  14. I use craigslist.org/whatever you are looking for. As in craigslist.org/6lugrims etc. slemers
  15. slemers

    1980 720 2WD (AZJones' Build Thread)

    I have a Hitachi DCH 340 carb I removed from my 82 720. Good for parts but needs a rebuild. It was running when I removed it but I paid thirty bucks for it before I bit the bullet and bought a Weber. Shoot me a pm if you need/want it for parts or to rebulid. Parts are available but pricey if NOS. Slemers Camas,WA

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