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  1. Hey guys just saw all these posts. Responding accordingly via PM. Oh and BUMP. $400 takes the whole shindig home!
  2. Just posting this up.. pulling the engine out of my Z in the next 2-3 weeks to make room for a v8, and would love to have a buyer lined up so it doesn't take up space for too long. 85k original miles. Yep. You read it right. I got my car from the original owner's son, have the records, the car has 85k on it. Pull the valve cover and you will see that the head is SPOTLESS, oil stays clean, etc. Stuff I've done since I got it: Valve cover gasket Painted valve cover and sanded letters back down (cover is black w silver lettering) New spark plugs (Denso iridium) Seafoamed about 6k ago, minimal "stuff" came out, made a cool smoke show haha Changed the oil haha This is very much a stock as it gets engine, pulls great, sounds great. Does have typical lifter tick going on, but that fades as it warms up. GREAT upgrade for a 240/260 wanting to keep the stock equipment. 4sp manual shifts strong and true, reverse works great, no grinds or noises. Accessories (AC compressor, alternator, etc) included. Shoot be nice and I'll throw in the whole AC setup with the condensor and lines and everything. Price: Ummm make me a good offer? No idea what they go for, as ATL craigslist has them from 100 for an engine to 800 for an engine, and a similar span on the trans. Pic: PM me if you're interested. I'm willing to offer discounts for people who want to come pull it themselves (I have a fully equipped shop)
  3. SixSquared

    it starts...

    So my z's fuel tank bit the dust. Instead of going stock, I'm doing a fuel cell. Let the documenting of the project begin... The idea is to cut the spare tire well out, drop the cell in, and run plumbing. There's a few advantages to this, mainly that i can run dual exhausts. :-) Day 1: Dry ice chilling in the hatch. Chilling. Haha. Placed fuel cell... 16 gallons of sweet red love. I specifically got a Jaz cell because it has the steel exterior box and a plastic inner bladder. Filled with aviation foam and sparkling unicorns. Taped off the cut lines, then I got cold and went in. Cutting day is tomorrow. :-) More to come :-)
  4. It's a cheap diffuser, since it's probably the spoiler that came on the car. I imagine it would produce a bit of downforce, angled correctly on the car. But, like most aerodynamic accents seen on street vehicles, i highly doubt that those cars are racing hard enough or at the skill level necessary for a few pounds of downforce are going to make or break anything
  5. All of the ones I've seen are angled up, and while it's a good look, I wanted a sleeker, slightly more modern look. The curves of the z car are timeless and beautiful, and I was trying for something that accentuated them and complimented the rear "swoosh" of the fastback. From an aerodynamics standpoint, I imagine it will create a bit of downforce on the rear end since instead of going directly down the back, airflow will be pushed back up, but as mentioned, this is more for aesthetics than function. You'll notice that in the drawing there is a front splitter sticking out from below the airdam, and that's something I definitely intend on making over the winter as well, as splitters make a TON of difference in handling and stability. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. Well, I'm picky and I like things exactly my way. I'm a girl, I'm allowed this ridiculousness. As such, i couldn't find a spoiler for the z that I liked. So I stopped making sandwiches, left the kitchen, and hopped on AutoCAD for a minute. This is what I came up with. Gonna start building the prototype in January. :-) enjoy!
  7. Those are sick! Definitely picking one up for the z
  8. Those are sick! Definitely picking one up for the z
  9. Pshhhhh takes a lot more than a monster truck to scare me away! Just been working and... Uh.... Getting into trouble. :-) I know my Z needs to be lowered! I'm getting there! Just finished the nightmare that is installing an aluminum radiator with electric fans. Never again. Ever.
  10. http://www.coroflot.com/ecovi Should work. Just worked for me.
  11. 6x6 = 36.. I have an e36. I kinda like the way it sounds so I didn't make a new username when I got the Z. More Z pics? otay...
  12. I'm glad they're not ridiculously rare. Makes me less paranoid haha. I'm not generally a mesh fan, but on my car with the spinners they just look right to me. I likes 'em.
  13. I'll check next time I have the wheels off. Thanks!
  14. Converted it means he likes putting his mouth on furry things. Personally, I prefer hardwood floors if you get my drift.
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