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  1. RatRandy

    Perris Valley

    lmao! Tru true!
  2. RatRandy

    Perris Valley

    Still waiting... .. lol 😉
  3. RatRandy

    Perris Valley

    Typical Ratsun nerd behavior ... lmfao I can tell you only have one hat rack to hang you shit on! lol
  4. RatRandy

    Perris Valley

    They are hard to come by here in Washington state.
  5. RatRandy

    Perris Valley

    Finally found one. 1972
  6. Where on earth can a dude like myself find one of these killer canopy's?! I have been searching high and low for one....any suggestions? Thanks
  7. A little weed burner! That's where I ran it out.. just wasn't digging behind the wheel area.
  8. Finally rust free weather!:)
  9. Dammit! Let's try again! #stupiduser
  10. Paisa13.......we all wish we beat Ted to most of the stuff he got! Lol! Can't blame em.. He knows what he wants and he pulled the trigger (A lot!). It was a good day for a great guy. DatDoug memory will live through all those Datsun parts that we are gonna slap on our rigs and the kick ass stickers.
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