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  1. Ryoskatekov

    Ryo's carb'd ZX

    Oh, and a shitty camera phone vid from while ago.
  2. Ryoskatekov

    Ryo's carb'd ZX

    Allright, It's been a year since I last posted my early mischief. I honestly can't believe the amount of stupid shit I made you guys go through. But we all gotta learn somewhere... I've had a few people ask me about the setup so I figured I might as well just post all the things that's been changed so no one tries some redicule shit like 38mm carbs on L28 and expect results. So I'm not sure if I posted, but the 38mm experiment was a disaster mainly because of the combination of utter shit parts choice. I ran it with the Z-N47 head that had voids, leaked coolant into oil, 38mm had leaks in the throttle shaft just like the 46. And the distributer was a E-12-9x running on fake signals which I doubt was on the right timing. Oh and I had an exhaust leak. So after that happened, I re-did the whole damn thing over realising that I've made a huge mistake. -Z-N47 head was replaced by Maxima N47 in the picture a few comments above, -Flushed the engine with cheap oil. Despite the coolant-oil mix incident, the motor is now at 220k miles and has 200psi on all cylinders. -274/274 Schneider billet cam. -O-ring'd the 46mm and made Viton gaskets so the damn'd spacers won't leak. -6-2-1 Headers and a straight pipe. -Put on a nice and reliable stock airbox. I have the airbox on with the filter. I think I took the photo because I was adjusting it or something. The domes are from the 38s since the pistons fell at better timings than the one that came with the 46s. As for the looks, I scored this rare - discontinued MSA? Classic with brake ducts. I rolled with this look for a while... But then everything just went down hill from there.... Remember this pos? Well, It broke loose and came back out from the attic. Stanced. Perfect fitment. 10/10. Wow. I quit the shitty part time at the rink so I doubt I'll be frequent again. But whatevz. oh, and I've been experimenting with Z31 seats.
  3. Ryoskatekov

    Pic's of your Z

  4. Ryoskatekov

    Ryo's carb'd ZX

    Too lazy to upload shit anymore. But here.
  5. Ryoskatekov

    Ryo's carb'd ZX

    Email sent
  6. Ryoskatekov

    Ryo's carb'd ZX

    I can never get enough of this combustion chamber..... Just beautiful. High quench MN47 head. Comparison
  7. Ryoskatekov

    Ryo's carb'd ZX

    Depends man. Intake duration can be 275 but exhaust can be completely different. same goes with lift. 275/275 is mild. can be run on EFI apparently. But It's useless without raise in compression. You'll probably lose low end torque with the stock head/block combo.
  8. Ryoskatekov

    Ryo's carb'd ZX

    Update: I've got myself a MN47 head with schneider 275/275 cam.... I came to the conclusion that the leak is from the previous N47 head OR the Headgasket OR the Front cover so I said f*** it and replace everything again. Currently waiting for the Head to come out of the machine shop, Send the rocker arms to delta cams, MSA to ship their headers and get my work ethics up to fix the damn 46mm SU carbs I have that leaks like crazy from the throttle shaft. NO I AM NOT DEAD YET. Anyways, Here's a photo from a while ago that I never posted. Cheers.
  9. Ryoskatekov

    Ryo's carb'd ZX

    UGHHHHHH The head was too old. Coolant in my oil. probably aluminium voids Well. TIME TO GET A "NEW" HEAD!!! BAHAHAHA (*cries inside*)
  10. Ryoskatekov

    280zx: thinking rat rod bosozoku style, and off i go

    This guy on our facebook group put a C110 visor on his 2+2
  11. Ryoskatekov

    Ryo's carb'd ZX

    It's on the "pics of your Z" thread... I don't really feel like posting same picture everywhere right now
  12. Ryoskatekov

    Ryo's carb'd ZX

    About time this car sees light...
  13. Ryoskatekov

    Ryo's carb'd ZX

  14. Ryoskatekov

    Your First Datsun? What was it? When was it?

    I was 15 when I got my Datsun 280zx. At first, I wanted a Miata, but decided it's too small, Then 924 but reliability was shit so I stopped looking. Then S30 Z's but too expensive. and reached 280zx. Which I like almost everything about. Started working at a shitty local place and saved up 3000 bucks. (yeah I know what your thinking but Z's are expensive in Houston. All beat up and rusted.) Ever since then, I've been pouring all my paycheck on maintenance, upgrades, etc. so much time into the car that I forgot about the licence. turning 17 this year and I still don't have a licence. lol. My thread: http://community.ratsun.net/topic/60615-ryos-carbd-zx/
  15. Ryoskatekov

    Ryo's carb'd ZX


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