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  1. Anyone know the part number for Solid State Volt Reg for a 77 620?

    1. datzenmike


      That's easy.... there is none. All Datsun external voltage regulators were mechanical.

      Just go to NAPA or your favorite auto parts store and ask for one. There were some after market ones, pricy and not always reliable.

    2. Hawaiian620


      Alright. Thought I read somewhere there were some that worked. Also read that Napa ones were junk, but autozone had some made by "Wells" that were suppose to be good? Thread was from 2012 though, so I'm not sure if that's still correct.

    3. banzai510(hainz)


      autozone does have them. Rock auto has them also. Bu make sure they are hookedup and grounded ,they can pop .

      The Japanese machanicals are good also.)big meteal cans)


      dont buy the Echlin or USA made mechanical ones(big metal cans) they suck

  2. why are 4wd 720 leaf springs so hard to find

    1. skyblue


      Just have to stay on the lookout. I got mine from a ratsun member in classifieds.


    2. Hawaiian620


      That's the plan. I check here and craigslist often. Almost had a set, but the guy changed his mind

  3. Thank god this site is back up! Truck won't start and can't really find info anywhere else haha

    1. MicroMachinery


      Google "No start condition". Bet you can find a pretty universal solution.. Bad battery, connections, or starter is my guess.

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