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  1. I saw them up for sale but im in Cali and there for local pickup only ☹️
  2. Anyone know if 79 datsun 210 strut assemblies are the same as 77 datsun b210’s im thinking there the same but just wanna make sure. And will everything from a 77 datsun b210 just bolt up fine on it? (Suspension and brakes) thanks
  3. Hello everyone. Starting to work on my 77 b210 more now. I have a few questions to ask. Now im thinking of buying a set of stock 510 strut assemblies that were coilover converted, with brake calipers included. Now i hear i can use 510 coilovers on my b210, so if i do make that purchase will all that work on my b210 an fit perfect? an just run the 510 brakes? Or if my b210s spindles are the same as the 510s spindles, could i just attach my b210 rotor an calipers to the 510 strut assembly? Thanks
  4. Its just super hard to find some donor B210 strut assembly’s out there. Ive looked for a long time and non come up. My strut assemblys are in decent no rust shape, thus being a California car. So thats why im trying to find a way to get some donor strut assembly’s that would fit on my B210 to do the cut weld coilover conversion. I guess ill just go the 280zx route or just man up an cut up my stock ones 😬. But thanks a bunch for the help.
  5. Does anyone know if i can use 240z strut assembly on a 77 B210. Is the strut casing the same size. Im justvtrying to get a donor stut assembly that will work on the b210 to cut up for coilovers. I dont want to cut up my factory ones
  6. Yeah ive heard that 510 front suspension is the same. I might do a 510 swap or go 280zx. depends on how i wanna use it’s. But i love the idea of better breaks from the 280zx
  7. Thanks a bunch i now know its possible even making a few parts to make it work. Thanks again
  8. Hey guys. I was wondering if i wanted to upgrade my 77’ B210s breaks plus eventually do weld on coilovers, do 280zx strut assemblies just bolt right in the 77’ B210? I want better stopping power an plus i can mock up the 280zx strut housings to do the weld on coilovers. Im too afraid to cut up the original 77’ b210 strut housings. Thanks
  9. Yes that part does got 2 hoses that run towards the carb and one hose that is on the right of the part on the side. Ima replace those vacuum hoses an see if it does the trick. Thanks
  10. i found out that its that valve that is to the left side of the baby blue bracket that is holding the air air filter cover . Its got a rubber cap on it . Its in between the air filter bracket and the rubber hose that goes into the air filter. Idk the name of that part. Can you help me with the name? For i could look for a replacement? I found out it stopped making that winy noise when i plugged up the lil rubber hose that connects to the bottom left of the air filter cover. Id plug it an it stopped making noise. Thank you for the help. 😊 But my motor was idling a tad rough also. I checked the
  11. Hi guys. My 77 B210 been making this annoying loud buzzing sound like the sound some older cars made when ud open the door. An the buzz would change like higher an lower in pitch sometimes. It Sounds like its coming from Where the carb is like around the manifold idk. Also i been getting some slight smoke behind the carb after idling for a while an revving nothing bad tho. Anybody know where that buzzing would be coming from?🤔
  12. Zeek90

    No crank help

    That was the problem the wire that connects to the starter solenoid was loose an not making a good connection i guess. Easy fix. Another issue i discovered was that my fuel pump was stuck. I wasn’t getting enough fuel to stay on. Took of the fuel pump an sure, it was stuck. Thanks for the help everyone
  13. Zeek90

    No crank help

    Ima have to jack the car up an do this then. I hope it aint the ignition switch, gonna be hard to find a replacement. Thanks for the help ?
  14. Zeek90

    No crank help

    I tapped it with a hammer and nothing. I think the start is just done for. thanks for the help
  15. Zeek90

    No crank help

    Battery cables are in tight and the battery posts are clean. Ill check the fuses. Thanks for the help
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