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  1. Callentezx

    Random question.

    I'm not a roadster guy but my buddy picked up a 67' a few months back for a steal and hasn't done very much with it besides pull the tank to clean it up. When we pulled the tank we had to saw through one of the j hook bolts that hold the straps going from front to back, holding the tank up. The "J" part of the bolt hooks up into a hole. It reminds me of a battery hold down bolt. My questions are; 1) is there anywhere we can find it? 2) if not, what's everyone doing instead of the J hook? Thanks in advance for any help, and sorry for no pics. If I get a chance ill swing by his place and snap a few.
  2. Callentezx

    2 Ballast resistors?

    Hmm. I wonder how this came about being on the car. Which one should i keep? the firewall one, i guess? Looks like i'm gonna have to do some back tracing to see if both of them are even connected.
  3. Callentezx

    2 Ballast resistors?

    Sorry, its on a 74 610 goon, with points ignition, if it matters. it was connected i just had it disconnected to clean up when i snapped that picture.
  4. Callentezx

    2 Ballast resistors?

    Doing some clean up on connectors and such, and I noticed I had two resistors, There is one on the strut tower below the coil and one on the firewall. Is that supposed to be there? And are they both for the ignition system? Thats the one on the firewall... And this is the one i had on the strut tower, They look different but i've seen the ones that are sold at Autozone and they look just like the firewall one. Any ideas?
  5. Callentezx

    Picked up a 74 610 wagon.

    well, the car doesnt run, so I havent gotten to turn it while KOER, but when i turn it any other time it just has a faint click but no lights on dash or sounds anywhere else. I guess I'll have to follow the wiring as far as i can. Is there anywhere on the car, like a sticker or plate, that would say if it had any options added?
  6. Callentezx

    Picked up a 74 610 wagon.

    Can anyone shed some light as to what the heck this thing may be? It seems to be a factory dial, the whole boxe fits with the dash. But there are no other markings on the front besides "Datsun". Any knowledge as to what it is would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance, I'll try to get a build threat up and more pics. anyways, here it is

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