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  1. 73620/73240z

    73 620 pickup suspension problem

    sweet yea i wouldnt mind doing a hardbody swap that would be easy to find parts for too for future problems.
  2. 73620/73240z

    New one

    hey i really like your build peter_pablo. sorry to ask this question out of nowhere but what swap did you do for your front calipers and rotors. what exactly did you do if you dont mind asking?
  3. let me know if anybody has an extra right upper control arm that they want to get rid off.
  4. 73620/73240z

    73 620 pickup suspension problem

    im just wondering why wouldnt you do that swap? i can get it for super cheap, my budy has a truck his dumping so i would take his parts. and thanks dat lurka, i already found the lower one i just cant seem to find the upper one.
  5. 73620/73240z

    73 620 pickup suspension problem

    so i got a 73 datsun 620 pickup that has bin sitting for 20 years, but its in pretty good shape except one problem i have. im guessing they hit a curb with the right wheel and the upper control arm and lower control arm are bent. i was wondering does anybody know where i can buy a upper control arm. or since i was planning on swaping out the drum brakes to rotors, has anybody done a full swap from a nissan d21 hardbody or a 720 pickup swap. meaning swap the upper control arm and the lower control arm and the whole wheel hub? pretty much the whole setup? is it possible?

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