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  1. Zlich

    720 project.

    oh okay what all can i do to a z24 internally to boost proformance? i have one i have to replace the main bearing and i have a running (barley) motor in my truck. i was thinking about building up the motor before i put it back in and put a 4 spd behind it. right now i have a 5 spd and i hardly even use 5th
  2. Zlich

    720 project.

    saw something about franken motors. has anyone done a z24 one? id be interested in what you can use.
  3. Zlich

    720 project.

    what if say i had another z24 that i blew a main bearing in and wanted to "build" it up before i drop it in the truck? and also would finding a 4 or 5 spd and putting that in with it be better? im really just trying to make it a good street legal offroad truck if that helps any. some roads i have to hit like 55mph but the ones i drive on are mostly 45 and lower. total random add guys. most people i talk to about this dont know as much or just say how much of a pos my truck is so its nice to talk to people that know about the trucks and nissans. hahaha
  4. Zlich

    720 project.

    i have heard of that but i don't know how to do it and im a little uncertain about it.can it cause any damage
  5. Zlich

    720 project.

    my torsion bars are maxed out.i was thinking about getting the tightening bolt for the torsion bars of a hardbody because the bolts are the same size just more thread. would that even work though?
  6. Zlich

    720 project.

    sealik its a z24 and it spins the 31's like there nothing. datsunmike i want to do a suspension lift i know the hardbodys came with them but they are a different wheel well sizes i have a pathfinder that has them stock.
  7. Zlich

    720 project.

    <p>the first pic is when i first got the truck the last 2 are now. <img alt="" src="" /><img alt="" src="" /><img alt="" src="" /></p>
  8. Zlich

    720 project.

    hey guys havnt been posting alot havnt had money to get anywhere on my project. so heres the start to my project list with my 81 datsun KC 4x4 has anyone made some fender flares that look good for a 720 4x4? also want to know what offset i would need so my tires stop rubbing. as for things iv done to the truck its got a 2" straight pipe to a glass pack that goes to 3" pipe. stock carb and some 31'tires on it. my plans are to get a 32/36 weber for it maybe some headers and im gunna build a back tube bumper and a rollbar/roof rack. havnt figured out how to post pics from my phone yet.
  9. Zlich

    runs and idles great for 5 to 10 minutes then shuts off

    your carburetor might be on its last legs mine was doing the same thing before it died except itd leak fuel everywhere i managed to start it and get it home but it wouldnt fire up after that. also check the hoses coming from the fuel filter they might have cracks in them which lets it fill the float bowl up but when it starts running the pump cant keep up with the amount of fuel puming out. as for the fuel filter you should have one right on the frame by the fuel filter.
  10. Zlich

    82 720 KC build thread

    Daaammmnn this is A bomb thread. i dig your truck i wanna do something like that with mine. I just gotta get my weber then i just need to start saving to make mine badass.
  11. Zlich

    4x4 720 coilover suspension

    I dont really want a 4 or 3 link. Im just thinking itd be cool to run coilovers and slowly upgrade/add/fab new things. Sas was deffinatly where i wanted to get to at some point. I was really thinking of going with some jeep wrangler axles dana 30's i believe but have shocks/coilover suspension along with the leaf springs. truth be told this is new to me and most of my family my dad straight axled his 80/81 longbed with chevy 10 bolt axles i believe and one of his shackles broke. Im all for that but i wanna see what i can do before i got to halfton axles. only other sas we've owned have come sas from the factory. I also dont plan on doing crawling i like playing in puddles and getting the truck dirty maybe some trails and on occasoin crawling over stuff but not really my thing also havnt tried it so i dont know for sure.
  12. Zlich

    4x4 720 coilover suspension

    Thats what I was thinking of doing too. I just wanted to see if anyone had done it with ifs. If it does go to that i will for sure post a project for it.
  13. Zlich

    4x4 720 coilover suspension

    Why not? I dont really like torsion bars and the truck is gunna become a wheeler over time.
  14. Zlich

    4x4 720 coilover suspension

    Has anyone done a coilover suspension conversion from the torsion bars? iv seen tons of soild/straight axle conversions but i wouldnt mind going coilovers or coilspring. any ideas on where to start?
  15. Zlich

    4wd 720. rust is natures weight reduction

    I personally think the chromed shifters are retarded. my stepmoms crx has one and in the middle of summer in bend oregon I took it for a drive and burnt the living hell out of my hand just shifting into 1st gear.

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