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  1. Drummerboy4as

    Need pics of 620 tension rod installed

    Coolio. Thanks guys! I ended up adding a washer between the frame and bushing like Rays picture :thumbup:
  2. Drummerboy4as

    Need pics of 620 tension rod installed

    Pleeeease! :D
  3. Drummerboy4as

    Need pics of 620 tension rod installed

    As the title states I need pics of the control arm side and frame side with bushings and washers. I accidentally deleted the pictures I took when I disassembled them. Here's the way I have them, the control arm side seems right-ish, but the frame side does not. I referenced car parts manual but it didn't seem to jive with the parts I had. Should be obvious, but Control arm: Frame:
  4. Drummerboy4as

    Tie rod with no zirc fittings

    I thought about that too but didn’t want to risk introducing metal shavings into the joint
  5. Drummerboy4as

    Tie rod with no zirc fittings

    Yeah I’m rebuilding the whole front steering and suspension so my first stop once it gets back on the ground is the alignment shop.
  6. Drummerboy4as

    Tie rod with no zirc fittings

    I recently purchased a set of tie rods for my 73 620 from RockAuto. Got the ACDelco ones and they came with nylocks instead of castle nuts AND they have no zirc fittings or even holes drilled/tapped for zirc fittings. Have nylocks is a little different but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. No zirc fittings strikes me as a little odd though. They seem sufficiently greased (though it’s hard to tell since there’s boots over the joint), but I’d like the option of adding my own grease and also being able to add grease in the future. Thoughts? https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/nissan,1973,620+pickup,1.6l+l4,1210093,steering,tie+rod+assembly+(inner+&+outer),7425
  7. Drummerboy4as

    620 tension rod bushing comparison

    Yeah I pretty much have zero suspension travel at it is :D
  8. Drummerboy4as

    620 tension rod bushing comparison

    I was hoping you’d respond since it’s usually you I see saying not to use poly lol if you give it the ok I’m comfortable going with the drilled poly. Thanks!
  9. Drummerboy4as

    620 tension rod bushing comparison

    In the process of rebuilding my front suspension I've hit a bit of an obstacle with the TC rod bushings. I've been trying to stick with rubber bushings because I don't really feel like snapping a rod, problem is no one seems to make a replacement for the 620. So I bought some 720 rubber bushings but the ID is a bit too big. I bought some Moog poly bushings and drilled 6 holes in the perimeter but they still seem quite stiff. So here's some pics so y'all can help me decide. The whole gang. Top to bottom: 720 rubber bushing, 720 bushing cut in half, Moog poly bushing with holes, OG bushing 720 bushing on strut rod (quite a gap) Poly bushing on rod (toite like a tiger) Squeeze test: OG 720 rubber Poly Clearly the poly is quite a bit stiffer, but with the holes is it still too stiff?
  10. Coolio, thanks for the info
  11. Oh is only for the car KA’s? I thought there was something about the DE’s that they all needed the center link flipped.
  12. I’m slowly doing prep work for an eventual KA swap, part of which is rebuilding my 40 year old suspension. I figured while I had everything out I’d flip the center link to prepare for a KA swap. My question is that I swore I read that if you used a KA from a Frontier that flipping the center link wasn’t necessary but of course now I can’t find the comment/thread that I read that in. Would it be best to just go ahead and flip the center link since I have everything out and have already purchased the new inserts? I don’t have an engine yet so there’s a possibility that I won’t go with the Frontier (tho it’s my plan to use that motor /trans) There’s really no downside to having the center link flipped right? If I don’t need to and I did, no big. If I DO need to and I didn’t, that would suck lol
  13. Drummerboy4as

    Airdam indecisiveness

    I’ll prob leave it how it is and see how the individual pieces wear. If they discolor differently or something I’ll def be painting them.
  14. Drummerboy4as

    Airdam indecisiveness

    I may do that if I can find some. I didn’t want to use anything too permanent until I was sure I liked it
  15. Drummerboy4as

    Airdam indecisiveness

    From MK1 Autohaus the lip was $60ish

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