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  1. yankabilly

    Top speed on your STOCK engine

    95 on the hyw in my 85 king cab 5 speed z24 and 195/60/15....
  2. yankabilly

    h22a in a datsun

    i'm a honda guy and jxx v6 honda motor come in 300hp range and spins the right way and the k are the same way but b and h spin the wrong way
  3. yankabilly

    upper timing mark

    ok heres pic of the z20e i got my head off and one of the whole block i used the good cam so you could see better
  4. yankabilly

    upper timing mark

    banana head .....someone explain this please
  5. yankabilly

    upper timing mark

    hold on i'll get pic of the z20e i have ....maybe somebody put an z20s in it before i ever saw it ...it has been around since 1981 i'll post it after i get dressed .......maybe your right mike.....we also have an z22 head but its bolted to a running motor or i would post pic of it too
  6. yankabilly

    upper timing mark

    what do you guys know about the cam difference between z20/22/24?????
  7. yankabilly

    upper timing mark

    thank you , i took this head off of an mpfi motor...i have the intake hell i have the whole motor and automatic trans too
  8. yankabilly

    upper timing mark

    link to thread http://community.rat...opic/47187-z24/
  9. yankabilly

    upper timing mark

    mike i posted this in another thread here it is again for you if you look at this pic you can see the space between the valve and the side of the combustion chamber......3mm smaller... z24 top and z20e bottom .......
  10. yankabilly

    upper timing mark

    thanks for the info guys
  11. yankabilly

    upper timing mark

    so if i was running a cam that makes its hp/tq at say 5200 rpm (z20) and i timed it to the #3 hole it would move my hp/tq lower in the rpms (z24i 4wheel drive) ???? my setup is z24 bottom end and z20e head and cam
  12. yankabilly

    upper timing mark

    there are 3 marks on the top gear with numbers "1 2 3" factory setting are the # 2 hole... well on to the question...the other marks are for when you shave the head right?? what i'm after is this #1 hole is it advanced or retarded and how meany degrees ???same for the #3 hole advanced or retarded and how meany degrees??? thank you
  13. yankabilly

    Exhaust help needed

    if i was closer i'd be down for a safety meeting and i have a welder ........sorry
  14. yankabilly

    i need z24 help.....

    i pm you, call me so we can work out the shipping :thumbup: (423-676-2439)
  15. yankabilly

    fwd ka help

    o rings go bad and it looks like your right......

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