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  1. Still waiting for my decals I purchased back in November. 

  2. Time Left: 3 days and 12 hours

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    I have a front big brake kit for sale. All you'd need are the calipers ($220 at retail). This kit from T3 costs $995 with the calipers currently. LINK to Techno Toy Tuning What is included in this sale: 2 directional wilwood rotors (11.75"), 2 rotor hats, 2 caliper brackets, 4 brake lines. Should you need the correct calipers. I can make this a complete kit. I'd just need the part number of the caliper that you want and I can add it at dealer cost. I sold my last 510 and unfortunately I do not foresee another one in the nearest future. I am asking $495 shipped within the US. Or Best Offer.


    , Michigan

  3. Time Left: 1 day and 22 hours

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    Just like the title state. I have a 240z fuel door for sale that I found while moving stuff in the garage. Asking $45 OBO with free shipping within the US.


    , Michigan - US

  4. Time Left: 4 days and 14 hours

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    I can still make these in almost any color and size. 5" for $5 shipped within the US. 6" for $6 shipped within the US. to order, email me at info@motum.co or buy it through the website. If you need any other decals made, let me know as this is a hobby for me after my day job.


    Mount Clemens, Michigan - US

  5. Are the rear Mk1 rabbit flares smaller than the front ones (if you know)?
  6. Those are the ones that I was looking at. Thank you.
  7. I noticed that you took apart, cleaned and repainted the quarter windows. Have you found the replacement seal/gasket/weatherstripping for those? If yes, can you share that information?
  8. ATR

    Green Machine

    Wilwood sells the same / very similar ones.
  9. This is a bit too late more than likely... but clear powder coating looks amazing - CHECK THIS OUT
  10. Hi, I bought a 1971 from a local guy that needed to move it. I paid a fair price, or so I think. It came with professionally replaced floor pans, front rails, the chassis was media blasted and e-coated. The front fenders, hood, doors, hatch got blasted and a fresh coat of primer. It is lacking in the interior department (no dash, seats, etc.) - came with new carpet, headliner and I believe all of the weather stripping still in boxes and bags. I have not decided if I will be putting the carpet in or leave it bare metal. - we will see. In the next few weeks I will try to make a rotisserie and put it in the garage, work on the bottom of the car, buy zg flares, install those and prep for paint. The chassis will get painted grau-schwarz, and the hatch, hood, cowl cover, grill, flares and air dam will go a hot rod low gloss black. As far as engine goes. I have two 13b's sitting in the garage but will most likely put a red block volvo 8v/16v hybrid in it with a t5 trans. Suspension wise, I would like to get either T3 rear arms (or the old steel style arizona z car ones if I can find them), s13 coilovers, a.z.c. front arms and tension rods, 280zx front strut assemblies cut down with welded on lower portions for the s13 coilovers. Brakes: most likely some z32 front brakes and s13/14 rear disc brakes. I will post some photos as soon as I take them.
  11. Hi, I just purchased a 1971 240z and I'm trying to make room in the garage by getting rid of some of the parts that I will not need. All parts are located in Clinton Township, MI 48036. All prices are OBO and do not include shipping and please add 4% for paypal fees. Parts list: - fuel tank, outside surface rust, good inside - $50 - weird nissan wheel chocks - $20 - sway bar - $20 - window regulators - $40 - some sort of tensioner - $10 - the part that the ball joints are in on the front - $20 - blower motor and another blower motor type thing - $90 - stub shafts - $40 - stock engine and transmission mounts - $20 - stock vq engine mounts - $20 - some sort of vapor canister type thing - $10 - steering column shroud - $20 - windshield washer fluid reservoir - $30 - turn signal / headlight / wiper controls - $50 - some plate that has the rear defroster control on it - $15 - stock jack - $15 - seems like a dash harness with 2 gauges - $100 - brake / clutch master cylinder and pedal box in great condition includes accelerator pedal- $100 - random seat belts (see photos) - $40 - rear hatch glass with defroster, great condition - $125 - 2 rear drum brand new - $20 - some more interior trim - made out of vinyl - $15 - chassis harness - $90 - arm rest / center console in good condition - $100 - e-brake cables - $30 - hood release cable with lever - $25 - steering column - $50 - stock hood - media blasted and in primer - trade for fiberglass one.
  12. I have one that is in good condition. I have a ton of 1971 240z parts for sale.. PM me if you want the black surround. Also, which air dam are you using on your car?
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