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  1. F.D.I.1

    The Official SWDP 11th Annual Barbecue August 18th 2018

    Hi To All, I am in town, once again, and do plan to attend this years BBQ ! George Koepsell
  2. F.D.I.1

    SWDP 10th Annual Barbecue

    Hello to all my Datsun Friends, Indeed, it was sure nice to read all the kind messages you gave me. I want to thank all of you who made this annual event once again possible. The food was great, along with those who prepared it. A, Big Thank You, to those who came a long distant to Fontana. I wish all of you a good year, and do look forward to being here next year. Sincerely, George Koepsell F.D.I.1
  3. F.D.I.1

    Dome Light Lens

    Where can I purchase a "Dome Light Lens Cover" for a 1978 620 KC ? It look to be about 4" Square. Any info would be appreciated!
  4. Where to purchase parts (Brackets) to connect throttle cable to SU Carburetors on a 1978 620 ? Any help would be appreciated ! Thank You
  5. F.D.I.1


    I sure had a great day at the BBQ, many thanks to all who came, thanks for all the great food, and to all those great photos! Hope to see you next year! My Best Regards to all the Datsun Owners, George
  6. Has anyone used the after market quarter window weather strip on a 1978 Datsun King Cab ? Thank You, F.D.I.1
  7. F.D.I.1


    Yes, I do look forward to this years BBQ and plan to attend with my 78 - 620 King Cab in August! George Koepsell
  8. F.D.I.1

    SWDP 5th Bar-B-Que, 3 day event thread

    To all members of the SWDP group who attended the annual BBQ on the weekend of Aug. 25, 2012. Making me an honorary member of your group was a great was a great honor. Your kindness and friendship will not be forgotten, especially the cruise to my old Fontana Datsun dealership where this all started. I look forward to making future events as often as possible. A few of you may know as of this date my son Kevin and his wife Diana have aquired a 1978 Datsun King Cab that I can enjoy with your group on future events. This is an all original (including paint) second owner truck. Many thanks to all of you for making me feel so welcome. Sincerely, George Koepsell FD I 1

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