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  1. CanYouSpareADime

    Datsun BBQ......July 28th....12-whenever..........

    Sweet oics!
  2. CanYouSpareADime

    Datsun BBQ......July 28th....12-whenever..........

    Anyone heading up from the South Bay for this that I could catch a ride with?
  3. CanYouSpareADime

    A dime richer

    Thanks for all the posts man and all the help this weekend! :thumbup: I'm back in SLO so I've put about 300 miles on the car already including my driving today. It sounds good as new except the spring snapped on the throttle cuz of the hacked bullshit the PO did with the carb. :devil: Something not in busta's pics: While he was rebuilding the carburetor Mike helped me put stock springs on the rear end so that my ride height would be comfortable and not scrape. Also noting that we changed the fuel filter and some fuel lines inside the engine bay along with the spark plugs. Cleaned the valve cover and replaced the valve cover gasket as well. On my way home at highway speeds I noticed some new noise/humming coming from the rear. I think it may be related to the new springs. It sounds like wind noise or air rushing through a tight space so maybe ride height is just at an angle that at highway speeds it makes some noise but it is weird. I double checked that everything was set up correctly and the car feels fine driving it just makes a lot of noise.
  4. CanYouSpareADime

    A dime richer

    Hey guys! I know it's been a long time since I've posted but I was gone the entire summer. Unfortunately, rather than the update I thought I was going to post about doing some more work on my car I have some very bad news. I just started college at CalPoly and wanted to take my car, of course, so I drove it down here. I've driven the car nearly 5,000 miles since I bought it last October. For some reason, on the way down here the Datsun gods decided it was my time to have my first major issue with the car. Something got inside the engine while I was driving and knocked a valve open and my car started running really rough. I pulled over and looked at it (just knowing it was running rough, at this time I didn't know what the issue was). I thought it was possibly just a bad spark plug or something causing one of the cylinders to not fire. I immediately drove to the nearest shop in SLO that I could. With no tools of my own down at college I had to take it in. Turns out, there was damage to the engine caused by some foreign object that got inside it. This means I will have to either do an engine swap or rebuild the engine. At least 2 pistons have been severly damaged on the top by the object, as well as the valve bent in those 2 cylinders. The object was not found, only the damage it caused. The car currently only runs on 2 cylinders. I love this car, and I want to get it back on the road ASAP but being in school now will make that difficult. Basically, I won't be driving my Datsun for at least 3 months :( :( If you guys have any advice on how to move foward let me know. As for right now, I'm not sure what will happen.
  5. CanYouSpareADime

    Bluebird Cafe Run This Sunday 5/25/14

    Still recovering from surgery on thursday so i most likely wont be there :( have fun guys
  6. CanYouSpareADime


    I'm in! I've missed the last couple, can't wait to get out driving again! :thumbup: First fun run on the new wheels :)
  7. CanYouSpareADime

    Bay Area Weekend Meet.

    Definitely down for a weekend bay area meet!
  8. CanYouSpareADime

    A dime richer

    So, I've had the wheels a couple weeks now and gotten things working. Finally took some oics :thumbup: :thumbup: They are 15x7 konig rewinds with no offset. 195/45/15 yokohama sdrives boy do they make the car lower, B) i now scrape on the parking lot entrance at school unless at a big angle :P
  9. CanYouSpareADime

    Santa Clara Monthly Last Thurs of Every Month Meet

    Finally made it out to one of these :thumbup: had to leave early tho unfortunately. cant wait for next month
  10. Im down and ill get my friend to come with his 240z also
  11. CanYouSpareADime

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    2x2 280zx http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/4423959549.html stopped by this one today, its parked on cuesta with a for sale sign in the window. talked briefly with the owner took some pics of my own, its looks pretty clean:
  12. CanYouSpareADime

    SF Bay Area Ridges and Canyons Run (Date TBD)

    Can't wait for april 26th :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  13. CanYouSpareADime


    Had a Datsun full day today for some reason...good luck i guess. Saw an older lady driving a 4 door 510 light blue 70-72 pretty much identical to my car. then only a few blocks later saw a white 610 and a orange 240z driving the other way, all three on el camino real in mountain view between 237/grant and hollenbeck at around 3:45 :thumbup: Also saw a tan 240z (might have been a 260/280, didn't get close enough to see) with a for sale in the window. Ill go by later this week and get a picture if its still there.
  14. CanYouSpareADime

    A dime richer

    Ok, thanks guys, I'll see if I can get a +10-15 offset.
  15. CanYouSpareADime

    A dime richer

    They are all 0 offset. Thanks Ranman, that's what I plan on.

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