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  1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun doing it, of course :)
  2. Thanks! I handed off the rest to Denmark today. Pretty sweet video coming as well!
  3. ftlallday

    Skeleton Bones // 510 4 Door project.

    Definite work still being done to the project. Honestly didn't touch it much when I had to relocate. She's a slow cooker and I'm not in a hurry so what ever. We were able to get wheels under it to move it to my (new) shop. Lifes a busy one, other datsun projects, traveling, getting engaged, etc.. I'll update this here thread more soon
  4. Super fun run! Got back to the shop super motivated to work on my own! Thanks for having me out
  5. ftlallday

    Eugene/Springfield Meets

    If you book them they will come :) Harbor Freight area would be good too.. Or Knechts on River Rd.
  6. ftlallday

    Skeleton Bones // 510 4 Door project.

    Selling the KA, want an L! had a plan for an L, but it fell through so now i'm looking for a heart for this pup.
  7. ftlallday

    yeah, good deal man. I might know a guy looking for a l series and tranny. I mean, if you need to make room or anything. :hug:
  8. ftlallday

    Ka24de Datsun 510 Build

    Yo yo yo yo yooooooooo. Any updates on this beaut?
  9. ftlallday

    Dont we all...
  10. ftlallday

    I see what you did there....
  11. ftlallday

    Calling all Eugene area RATSUNERS!!!

    Of course, Not in a Datsun this year though :(
  12. ftlallday

    Calling all Eugene area RATSUNERS!!!

    I'm just over here, staying quiet.
  13. ftlallday

    Skeleton Bones // 510 4 Door project.

    Working through the suspension things still as well as cleaning up and getting ready for assembly. Finishinng touches on the rear cross member are done. Went to pick it up last week. Man.. is it awesome. Moves pivot point up 1" from stock, swivel to self align, exhaust hole drilled out to 3 1/2". A friend who designed them swears by them. So we'll see how they are soon enough. Some cleaning..

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