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  1. What seat rails or brackets did u use for the Z4 seats? Or did u end up bolting it to the floor?
  2. where in SD you located? i would like to get my coupe acquainted w/ your sedan. photoshoot moment :)
  3. nice. I remember both the past 2 owners of these sedan. Car was bought in LA/orange county 2 years ago. The owner, before the ones you bought it from, wanted to trade for my coupe. I was tempted too. I actually saw this car @ IMG ol'skewl meet in 2014. where in SD you located? So, German sold it too huh? This sedan has been passed down like my coupe to many owners. But i kept mine & is now going on 4 years w/ me.
  4. as for your question, i don't think it has been done yet w/ the 610. I am very interested to find out too
  5. Post pix if you can. Glad to have another 610 here in SD. where in SD?
  6. why separate categories? are there really differences on those 240Zs, 260Zs, & 280Zs (other than year & engine sizes)?
  7. datsun 610s by jett antonio, on Flickr

    JCCS 2015

    Some pix i took w/ my phone. #phonetography https://flic.kr/s/aHskhemKSv

    JCCS 2015

    i wasnt sure if i just lucky that i was able to get in. My paint is bad & i have a dent on the side fender. Although, none would be able to tell about the dent unless you are actually looking at it. datsun 610s by jett antonio, on Flickr datsun 610 goon by jett antonio, on Flickr datsun 610s @ jccs 2015 by jett antonio, on Flickr toyota starler by jett antonio, on Flickr toyota starler by jett antonio, on Flickr white & blue hako by jett antonio, on Flickr
  10. REDnGOLD

    JCCS 2015

    2 610s in the parking lot & 5 inside? We dont see alot of those unicorns together. We would've had 7 in the show had they entered. @JDOM310, Are you referring to the RHD white 610 in the show? That's Ryan's. I dont know his username here. Very popular car.
  11. $100 for a set of 2-piece wheels? that's a bargain.
  12. REDnGOLD

    JCCS 2015

    whoaw! we get to see a real shark nose bluebird-U? Im glad Im going
  13. those wheels look nice on the 610s. What size & offset are those?
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