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  1. piraterumm

    datson4life got another 521, Oh boy!

    after looking at the feature I dont think you can say it is the camera anymore lol. i want mine to look that good someday.
  2. piraterumm

    datson4life got another 521, Oh boy!

    cant believe that is the stock paint, mine is getting a nice patina to it. i need to get some rust and dings out and paint it, need to get it running first, should be running after this weekend.
  3. piraterumm

    datson4life got another 521, Oh boy!

    beautiful truck man, the paint job is amazing and im loving the tires.
  4. piraterumm

    Post Your 521.

  5. piraterumm

    Post 510's

    this made my jaw drop. stunningly beautiful.
  6. piraterumm

    Happy 521 Day!!

    took mine to an empty parking lot for a little drifting in the rain. :)
  7. piraterumm

    1971 Datsun 521

    is that your cressida. that thing is sweet. i kinda want one down the road
  8. piraterumm

    Sunkist 521 ka24e

    Thats pretty. you know what kind of stats your going to get out of that engine set up?
  9. piraterumm

    Post Your 521.

  10. piraterumm

    521Restore with L20B

    Welcome ! :)
  11. piraterumm

    Just joining, and recently got this

    Its about freakin time i got these up. Ok so the roof rack isnt done yet but its close. I met a guy who gave me a camper meant for datsun 521's for free. The bug used to be mine but i sold it to one of my best friends who os restoring very well. Its a 61. Finally an engine bay pic. And the six hours i put into hand polishing the rims and it paying off. :)
  12. piraterumm

    Just joining, and recently got this

  13. piraterumm

    Post 510's

    Is that a fiat 124 special??? :hmm:........... lol jk thats really freakin cool though.
  14. piraterumm

    Post 510's

    Thats gotta be the most beautiful old school 510 with the perfect mixture of character I have ever seen. :thumbup:
  15. piraterumm

    Molly Mustard

    Thats just so beautiful and what great condition to find it in. I wouldnt have passed up something like that either.

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