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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys ......Had difficulties in finding coupe accessories so I had to modified some. If you notice the side vent came from the original 4 doors so it's a bit off ... still looking for some coupe accessories so if you guys have it laying around please let me know ... appreciate it
  2. Just wanna to update you guys about the project. Its still need a finishing touch and make up here and there but its all good... I'll let the pictures tell the story the back before the surgery ... Frankendats I took the measurement from the original 510 coupe. I didn't have the original coupe back window frames at that time so the measurement was a lil bit off...and I cut the roof already... oww well... let's just make this the only coupe replica exist .. it's time to re-enfore the body ahhh... grey ... voilaaaa woww... look at that brake booster ... bought the carsb * intake * horn from ratsun... this guys is very nice to give me discount .. Planning to put SR20DE ... no turbos ...just N/A Interior... doesn't need a key to start the engine ..
  3. Curut is for the pick up (520) 2 doors or coupe is definitely the most sough after and collector items.. some people would pay big bucks to get one of those 2 doors or coupe
  4. Yes they do, but they are hard to find... 4 doors is more common here in Indonesia
  5. Hi all, I'm planning to do a 510 conversion from 4 door to coupe, I know its going to take a lot of effort but I need to do some major metal works on the body anyway. Does anyone here have a blueprint of datsun 510 coupe ? www.the-blueprint.com and www.carblueprints.info don't have it :( Thanks
  6. Was wondering if you would ship overseas (Indonesia)?
  7. Do you stil have the 610 fenders ? would you ship overseas ? (Indonesia) I'll pay the shipping
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