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  1. Ardee

    1978 B210 vacuum hose routing

    You know, I just finally got my head in there and realized that that tube does not run down there, it had shaken loose from it's place. Sorry I should have felt around before posting my question.
  2. Ardee

    1978 B210 vacuum hose routing

    This is another great thread thanks for all this info. Is there any reason why my NEW mechanic would run the line from the choke pull off diaphragm down below the carb? And leave the other end open? Wondering if he got mixed up. The car was having the usual idle troubles. I got it from his shop yesterday ran, decent but then began stalling out again. Any help would be super appreciated. thank you Here's a pic
  3. Ardee

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    I got to admit this pic manages to hide the rust on the roof, the giant dent on the back opposite fender and many other flaws, but I'm loving how sunset magic hour set my 1976 shining!
  4. Ardee

    CA 76' B210 trying to pass smog.

    I picked up a sweet yellow two door Sedan A14 from a friend who had it in Colorado. Unfortunately it didn't pass it's first smog test. I'm not mechanically adept but my family mechanic has made it a side project of his and is having trouble finding parts. The car has a smog (emission) system that is in bad shape. I think here in California a lot of our b210s have been scrapped off, hence, making parts more scarce, but I noticed a lot of the Ratsun posts are from Oregon and I thought folks might have smog systems to sell. Just wanted to put my feelers out there. I've owned two b210s before and a 510 and I'm eager to bring this California born Datsun back home officially. I'll press my mechanic to be more specific regarding the parts needed. But in the mean time, he mentioned the smog system and the Diverter Valve. All info is much appreciated and pardon my mechanical ignorance in advance!

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