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  1. How old were you and what was your first datsun!? GO!!!
  2. cant stop thinking about datsuns. i just cant!

    1. ruckycharms


      Dude its an obsession. Don't fight it. I have been through several and I always come back.

    2. peanutbuttercups


      24/7 365 Then there's girls.

    3. Draker


      I know the feeling. Gotta save and buy one.

  3. bmoneyms3

    510 wagon

    much appreciated guys, i love this forum and cant get enough of it. i drive a mazdaspeed3, it was my first car and i got so much shit because my mom and dad bought it, so i love the respect and older acting crowd here. i cant say one thing on mazdaspeedforums with out getting all kinds of crap and you never get a straight forward answer but on here i feel completely different! thanks!
  4. bmoneyms3

    510 wagon

    but i dont have money or space unless you guys would like to donate! LOL
  5. bmoneyms3

    510 wagon

    after all, im only 16, i would need major help with this and there arent datsun people here
  6. bmoneyms3

    510 wagon

    im definately not blowing it off because its not a 510! i still think the car is amazing i just dont have space or knowledge for this car the car is located in bum f*ck egypt missouri, i wish i could get it, just too much for me the number on the car was 573 259 3728 someone please save this car, i hate seeing a beautiful car like this rust away!
  7. bmoneyms3

    510 wagon

    is it basically a 510? whats the difference?
  8. bmoneyms3

    510 wagon

    now that i look at it closer, i dont think its a 510....embarassing!
  9. bmoneyms3

    510 wagon

    its like an hour or so away from my house, however i do have 2 pictures on my phone, hold on while i try to figure this out (im not computer savvy)
  10. bmoneyms3

    510 wagon

    what do you think its worth?
  11. bmoneyms3

    510 wagon

    Hello ratsun people, I have always been into old school jdm cars and on the drive down to my lake house i spotted a 510 wagon sitting on the side of the highway, leaf springs falling out and all. the window said $600. is it worth it? and what are the advantages/disadvantages to a wagon vs a sedan or coupe. i almost pooped when i found it!
  12. @sssexxx, i have so much respect for you man you dont even understand, knowing little to nothing about cars and doing this!? thats amazing! i joined this forum because of you, and how you are in a similar boat as me, im currently saving my money up for a project 510, i dont know if i want to build the L series or do the sr20. if i were to do a swap the sr20 would be my first choice, is it worth it??? youre my idol no joke! keep me updated! :thumbup:
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