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    1971 Datsun 521, 1968 Chevy El Camino, 1985 Honda GL1200i, 1999 Honda GL1500A
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    lil bit o evathang! Not an authority at evathing, but not afraid of trying anything.
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    Hollywood Teamster Local #399 Studio Truck Driver - CDL Instructor
  1. My brother has a 1996 Hardbody SE truck that is having electrical issues and I was wondering what other vehicles I can search for in the J.Yard for parts for that year truck. Specifically the main connector of the wiring harness that goes into the top of the alternator.
  2. The Birdman

    Inland Empire Classic Datsun / JDM Meet

    Ok, Sept. 17th it is, thanks.
  3. The Birdman

    Inland Empire Classic Datsun / JDM Meet

    Next meet is when, Sept 17?
  4. The Birdman


    Unfortunately Irwindale speedway will be closing down in favor of an outlet mall within the next year or 2, would have been really great for me there!!
  5. The Birdman

    1971 PL521

    Well, I've looked around for the past hour online for the collar, no luck. I guess I need to put the word out here for the right one or play with the length of the slave push rod?
  6. The Birdman

    Finally got a 521. and it's my daily driver!

    Hang in there bro, these are great lil' trucks and you'll get past the things that are bugging you. At least you can drive yours, mine is still in "project" stage!
  7. The Birdman

    My 521 project- new to Ratsun

    Nice truck! I agree about the rims, they don't look right on that truck though. Have fun! B)
  8. The Birdman

    1971 PL521

    So I took it off, tapped off the old bearing (I have a new one) and the collar measured 1-1/2" (38mm). Is this the tall one that mates to the 200mm pressure plate?
  9. The Birdman

    1971 PL521

    Thanks bro, I'll look into it straight-away!
  10. The Birdman

    1971 PL521

    I'll pull it out in the morning, thanks again Wayno!
  11. The Birdman

    1971 PL521

    So maybe I'll get lucky and the collar on the release bearing is right or close, how is it measured? I'll pull it off the shaft and check.
  12. The Birdman

    1971 PL521

    So Per Wayno's suggestion I removed the pressure plate and measured it across, got just at 7"-15/16ths, just under 8" which as I understand would make it a 200mm clutch, right?
  13. The Birdman

    1971 PL521

    Good thing my show is on stage all week, it gives me some time to work on this beast!
  14. The Birdman

    1971 PL521

    I guess I have to look for it, it was never all together, just a truck full of parts. I'll start looking now, wish me luck! Here is the pressure plate and disc in place.
  15. The Birdman

    1971 PL521

    Oh crap! that means I have to go through a bunch of parts bins if I even have it! what if i cant find the one it came with?

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