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  1. 12honderd

    Turbo F/I A14 210

    Haven't messed with the fuel set up yet but have a walboro and fuel pressure regulator ready to go
  2. 12honderd

    Turbo F/I A14 210

    So I've just picked up a 81 210 and decided to do a build thread since it kinda picked up where my 1200 build left off. my original intentions were to do a blow through a14 on my 1200 but I got in over my head with that one and put it on the back burner for now taking the a14 and putting it into my 210. I have a close friend who's a megasquirt guru who just happens to weld aluminum so with some trading of services he convinced me to do the custom intake and go fuel injected. So with that being said I'll share some of the porn and progress. The flange is just the stock manifold flange cut off with a band saw and welded up to runners and a letterbox manifold all custom made. The throttle body is off an 89 2.5 turbo dodge caravan with throttle position and iac. Dodge srt8 injectors which are probably overkill but a lot of this build is from parts that were laying around. custom machined fuel rail through a buddy of a buddy Added reflective heat tape and and header wrap to hopefully reduce some of the heat soak. Damn no crossflow heads. On the other hand I makes it super simple to do the J pipe in the exhaust side Nissan Sentra radiator BProjects retainers seats and double valve springs H72 head resurfaced and three angle valve job. Did the porting and polishing myself all the machining was done by Dustys in Vancouver, Wa. Nismo head gasket and ARP head studs K03 turbo , eBay FMIC and piping, Tial BOV, And the best part is I'm running it all on a stock bottom end until it blows up.
  3. 12honderd

    Cruisin the gut. July 20th

    Bro your car was hella sick! Do you live ib vancouver area???
  4. 12honderd

    Cruisin the gut. July 20th

    Thanks to jeremy my cars gonna be set on fire lol!
  5. 12honderd

    Cruisin the gut. July 20th

    Headed down with draynor around 730 8 if you all are still down ill see you there if unless you all want to trip back if you have left. The best time is later evening!
  6. 12honderd

    dj's auto grand opening vancouver,wa

    Hahaha right on cant have babbies bakin in the car!
  7. 12honderd

    dj's auto grand opening vancouver,wa

    12hrs till the show!!!!!!!
  8. 12honderd

    dj's auto grand opening vancouver,wa

    Im not sure if you want to drive from all the way up north bit im predicting a decent datto turn out.
  9. 12honderd

    dj's auto grand opening vancouver,wa

    They do full auto care and custom stuff here and there. He might have his turbo 280z small block project if he gets it towed down in time. He has his turbo geo down there which is pretty custom!
  10. 12honderd

    dj's auto grand opening vancouver,wa

    Alot of you guys in vancouver area know Dan hayes and if you dont know yet he is having a grand opening car show/ bbq for his new shop!!! So bring your datsuns! It is june 29th this saturday at noon. Located at 6103 ne. St james rd bldg D vancouver, wa 98663 if you have any questions feel free to pm me!
  11. 12honderd

    Canby 2013: Where Wet Dreams Come From

    Nice! I couldnt imagine that drive in a 40 year old vehicle
  12. 12honderd

    Canby 2013: Where Wet Dreams Come From

    Headed out in t minus 3 hours
  13. 12honderd

    Vancouver to canby?

    CameronT shoot me a text 3606248995
  14. 12honderd

    pic's of your 1200

    I couldnt get my car fixed in time too go.... happy late birthday btw!!!!
  15. 12honderd

    Found this on my truck today

    hahaha i like were nismo dr is going! and its on the way home. i think we should all bring leaf blowers over as a canby pre meet sat morning and do work! im thinking 10-15 leaf blowers should be good. maybe a couple mowers and weed wackers too

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