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  1. http://www.driveshaftshop.com/import-axles/datsun Mario @ TSR you can catch on Instagram or Facebook
  2. These kits don't use adapters.. The stubs mate directly to the 930 cv.. Porsche/VW stuff.. They are exp. atleast the TSR ones, but they are very high quality and are for they r200. The driveshaft shop stuff is for the r180 Subi setup and also mates direct to the r180 930 CVs adapters that they make.. Its also possible just cost a little extra, but worth the money in my book.
  3. Mario from TSR has/had a setup for the r200.. Driveshaft also has a setup for r180
  4. looks like there from a 5 lug Dime that Mario from TSR was working on!
  5. pics to come of rear subframe.. caster and camber adjust ability built in to design.. camber plates also to be available for the front..
  6. This setup is totally custom... I have built the tubes to adapt to pretty much any spindle setup.. bmw toyota datsun.. etc the tube is cut flat at the base on the spindle, then milled in the lathe to accept new tubes.. there is no change in camber. The new tub is pressed in and welded at the bottom of the spindle. I also have a 280zx strut that I have done same too.. I have decided togo 5 lug because I have interest in larger wheels that are not available in 4x114.3.
  7. Evening, I have developed a custom Datsun coilover setup for the front our cars, a machined tube with a threaded housing to accept 2.5 in. coilover springs.. the new machined housing are produced to accept a koni 8610 strut or any shorten strut with a spacer. I removed the old 40 year old tube and mill the housing to accept the new. A custom 5 lug hub will also be available.. I have also developed a custom rear subframe with tubular control arms.. All these items will be for production.. I normally don't post to forums.. Pics to follow,, along with prices.. But I want to gain some interest an
  8. i see doing a tube frame front end to get the clearence you want. You have raised everything soo much that now a 175/50r 13 might not fit. An the rockers still woud drag. How do the new 17's fit, now you gotta find perfect tire combo. Prob. someithing low profile and skinny. Gd luck dude. Great job! Where all watching the madness. Thanks
  9. Ive been on this site for years, never registered because i'm not into bs. I comend you for what you have done and are doing. You seem to be recieving the shit for this build. I'm sure everyone would love to atleast try what your doing. Who doesn't want to build a badass 510. I see this as art, you can always get another shell, if it doesn't work. I'm not sure what your next step is in the process... But i'm thinking tube frame the back half, kind like what blueridgespeed has done. Don't give up and keep up great work! Awesome Job! BTW, 12a or 13b it, its cheap low center of gravity and lite.
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